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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by alpineherbalwellness, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. painretreat

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    Cross Green Crack with Jack Herer; Call it CrackerJacks: pr
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  2. J47

    J47 Banned

    Afgan. purple kush and white widow
  3. ohm shankar

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    In my opinion the best strain comes from south east Afghanistan,it's called < watani > it is a pure strain that have been stabilized since hundreds if not thousands of years ago ,it is a short plant with a single massive cola glittering with thc oil that is often dripping on the leaves.The particularity of this plant is that it has red stems.
    It is only known by hash connoisseurs in Afghanistan,the cannabis survey from the U.N. mention it.
    This is the real thing :a very strong and beautiful plant...
  4. Shovelhandle

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    I have seeds from some projects that are working good. My own Bubbleberry (an old Vermont grown bubblegum with Dutch Passion Blueberry and a sativa pheno of that crossed back to a Bubblegum male.
    other successful crosses are
    Super Silver Haze x Blueberry
    I've yet to try (SSH x BB) x Neville's Haze
    I have a strain I bought at a Mr Nice Auction Spring of last year. European Outdoor. A possibly skunk in it's origin, grown for seven generations on a farm in Switzerland. I plan to get F2 seeds this season and maybe cross a male with a selective branch of the Bubbleberry. I think one or two could have their own name as they are pretty homogenous and have their own characters. People even prefer a name like Elvis over referring it to Skunk #3 x Ak-47, right? I do. If one needs to know parentage they can ask, look into it on the web or forget it.
  5. GigaBud

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    This to me is very cool.....!
    I was sitting here thinking about strains and breeding decided to look here before posting and asking!

    Any my stoned thought was a cross of Swazi gold a 100% sativa and crossing with ak 48 an auto flowering dense plant with high THC content an parentage back to lowryder.

    Hopefully a shorter flowering period could remain as well as capture the sativa effect on body feeling.

    I would call it :
    48 Gold
  6. ThaGreen420

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    I've got the next canabis cup winner strawberry cough X any cheese call it strawberry cheese cake
  7. DTRave420

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    Donkey Dick x Cheese

    Have you tried our donkey dick cheese???
  8. Pupp

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    There already strains named after Obama. lol
  9. Alan46

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    I have a strain I bought at a Mr Nice Auction Spring of last year. European Outdoor. A possibly skunk in it's origin, grown for seven generations on a farm in Switzerland.
  10. Pupp

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    Darth Sidious: Death Star + Black Velvet

    All politicians are smooth talkers.
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  11. fooboots

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    Eye Drops

    Hi alllllll...

    Okay, so I was told that using Visine is the best cure for the red eyes I get from smoking weed.

    How helpful do you find Visine? Is there another brand that works better? I believe Clear Eyes is supposed to be good too but haven't tried it.

    Curious as to what other methods other recreational as well as medicinal users go with in order to get rid of the red... ha, or do ppl just not care????
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  12. Alan46

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    Any comments??
  13. Old Guy in Stanton

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    I smoke a brand of hashish that is gathered off the glistening bodies of nubile Nepalese girls who are sent running naked through the pot fields at dawn, when the resin concentration is just right.

    You've probably never heard of it.
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  14. FKNA

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    ^^^^You forgot the part where they are swathed in honey to catch the pollen drifting across the fields as their naked wonderfullness running around dislodges those fine particles from the buds.

    I have the name. And it's trademarked, meaning if this strain was all that, the merchandising of it is already in place, domain included, worldwide.

    But I'd sure like to talk to someone offering more than a goofbutt.

    Apologies for hijacking your crowd sourcing, op.
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  15. Sativa Steve

    Sativa Steve Registered

    Super Cheesy Afghan Dick would be interesting :)

    SSH X Exodus X Afghan#1 X Moby Dick
  16. raymont

    raymont Registered+

    Black domina x Blue dream...Black n Blue...
  17. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    Tutankhamon X Original Grand Daddy Purp
  18. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    I get a kick out of some of the names.
    Bodhi has some of the best, imo. :D

    Relentless genetics "Frosted Oranges" x Bodhi's "Dream Beaver"
    I call it "Julius Beaver". :)

    (not sure if Orange Julius even still exists, just remember seeing them around the mall, years ago) :p
  19. redtails

    redtails Registered+

    Yeah they still have Orange Julius around here combined with dairy queen.

    I always liked the strain name from Porno Seeds called Big Booty Bud
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  20. tipz

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    Names are so great.... I just made a cross of SuperSilverPurple X PurplePainKiller------>SuperSilverPurplePainKiller

    When you can back up those names with documented grows and actual pictures of the parents....verifiability!!!

    otherwise its just a name nothing more. Tipz

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