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    Name your 5 favorite Marijuana Tunes! They can be songs about Marijuana or songs that you love listening to while you are Smoking Marijuana!

    1.Blaze It Up-The Individuals
    2.Sex Weed-R. Kelly
    3.Fly Till I Die-Three 6 Mafia
    4.I Be On It-Big Boi and The Purple Ribbon AllStars
    5.Let A Thug Smoke-The Individuals

    420!!!! :Rasta:
  2. Bone Killah

    Bone Killah Registered+

    Cypress Hill - Illusions
    Pink Floyd - Shine on you crazy Diamond
    Foxy Brown - Oh Yeah
    Company Flow - 8 steps to perfection
    2pac - Trapped
  3. Hooked on Chronics

    Hooked on Chronics Registered

    ben harper-burn one down
    ludacris-blueberry yum yum
    bone thugs-1st of the month
    cypress hill-dr. green thumb
  4. Joel

    Joel Registered+

    cypresshill - illusions
    slayer - bloodline
    cypresshill - pigs
    kmk - weed
    rehab - sittn in a bar
  5. Trichocereus Panza

    Trichocereus Panza Registered+

    some true classics:

    Peter Paul & Mary - Puff the Magic Dragon
    Peter Tosh - Legalize It
    Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
    Beatles - I Am the Walrus
    Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  6. MaRiAh

    MaRiAh Registered+

    marilyn manson-dope show
    marilyn manson-(S)aint
    korn-freak on a leash
    cypress hill-hits from the bong
    marilyn manson-you spin me right round
    tech n9ne-lets get fucked up
    afroman-because i got high

    sorry.... i couldnt quite narrow it down to 5......:p
  7. graph

    graph Registered+

    People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops
    Coolio - Mary Jane
    Afroman - Colt 45
    Cypress Hill -Hits from the Bong
    Graphman - The marijuana song
  8. Euphoric

    Euphoric Registered+

    That song is actually by the band Dope

    3-6 Mafia - Weed IS Got mE hIGH
  9. jonny

    jonny Registered+

    Fuck, Nowones mentioned Ganja Smuggling by Eek a Mouse, GET it!!
  10. MaRiAh

    MaRiAh Registered+

    i dont care, marilyn manson sounds better when he does that song -.- i hate the other version...
  11. gin4dub

    gin4dub Registered+

    These songs are great to get lit to, ride to, or even get lit while ridin'::dance: :pimp:

    Tyte Wurk - Mary Jane
    UGK feat. Busta Rhymes, Young Jeezy Labba and Z-Ro - Get Throwed (remix)
    Magic - Puff Puff
    YoungBloodz feat. Lil Jon - Presidential Shit
    Intoxicated - Still Smokin'
    Three 6 Mafia - Bin Laden
    Three 6 Mafia - Rainbow Colors
    Twista - Overdose
    Snoop Dogg - Let's Get Blown
    Slimm Cutta Calhoun - How Much Can I
    Methodman & Redman - How High (Remix)
    Ludacris feat. Lil Flip - Screwed Up
    Ludacris feat. Sleepy Brown - Blueberry Yum Yum
    Lil Wyte - Acid 2004/5 (its not really a 420 song but its still hot as hell)
    Lil Jon - The Weedman
    Kanye West - Addiction
    I-20 feat. Three 6 Mafia - Hennesy & Hydro
    DTP - Smokin Dro
    Dirty - Yean Heard
    Clipse - Gangsta Lean
    Outkast - Crumblin Herb
    213 - Mary Jane
    Devin The Dude - R & B (Reefer and Beer)
    Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray

    I know thats like 24 tracks but they're all good, and thats just the hip hop/rap portion.:cool: :thumbsup:
  12. Eshelmen

    Eshelmen Registered+

    Infected Mushroom-Deeply Disturbed
    Infected Mushroom-Merlin
    Infected Mushroom-XTC in my mind
    Infected Mushroom-the messenger
    Pink Floyd-Comfortably Numb
    Paul Oakenfold-This is Trance
    Coolio-Mary Jane
    Atb-Ocean Trance
    These are all songs i mainly play when i`m baked

  13. Mr Greenthumb

    Mr Greenthumb Registered+

    Infected Mushroom is the best rave techno i've ever heard. I wanna go beamin on the E and listen to that bs.

    Kottonmouth Kings - Tangerine Sky's
    Infected Mushroom - The Shen
    Placebo - Brick Shithouse
    Slim Santa - Weird Al Yancovik
    8-bit Strawberry - Locust Toybox
  14. hempnbass

    hempnbass Registered+

    hmm, tough one...
    for weed:
    may this be love - jimi hendrix experiece
    bohemian rhaphsody and the prophet song - queen (all the left to right pans are extremely trippy on a good surround sound system)
    we're gonna groove - led zeppelin
    if - bread
    need somebody to love - jefferson airplane
    magic carpet ride - steppenwolf
    all of the tenacious d album

    for ectsasy:
    mistress barbara - relentless beats vol. 1
    jel ford - bad light
    mistress barbara - cut & dry ep
    kodo - saiso
    andrei morrant - treachery

    for acid:
    venetian snares - higgins ultra low glue funk hits 1978-2008 (completely insane drumm n' bass)
    queen - bohemian rhaphsody (you thought it was crazy on weed)
    the beatles - sgt. pepper's lonley hearts club band
    bob dylan - biograph (influences a very happy, sentimental trip)
    kodo - saiso (influences a very mellow, chill trip)

    those are my favorites
  15. mellowyellow

    mellowyellow Registered+

    1.gin and juice - snoop dogg
    2.phish - farmhouse
    3.friend of the devil - grateful dead
    4.stuck in the middle with you - stealer's wheel
    5.everybody must get stoned - bob dylan
  16. jxsmith

    jxsmith Registered

    1) Marijuana - Brian Robbins
    2) Legalize it - Peter Tosh
    3) Cheeba Cheeba - Tone Loc : )
    4) The benefit for mister kite - Beatles
    5) Greenthumb - Cypress Hill
  17. Json

    Json Registered+

    Mack10-The Testimony
    Obie Trice-The Setup
    DMX-King Thing
    The Game feat50Cent-How we do
    Snoop Dogg-Lay Low
  18. Jahangir 420

    Jahangir 420 Registered+

    Bone Thugz and Twiztid - hydro
    Bone Thugs - first of the month
    Bone Thugs - east 1999
    Bone Thugs - weed song
    Bone Thugs - smoking buddah
    Bone Thugs - budsmokers only
    Damien Marley and Nas - Road to Zion
    Kottonmouth Kings - Tangerine Sky
    Snoop, Dre, Nate Dogg - The next episode
    Snoop doggy dogg and dre - Nuthin but a G thang
    Snoop doggy dogg and dre - Gin and juice
    The Game - Start from scratch
    DJ Tiesto - Touch me
    Ice Cube and Eazy E - Dopeman
    Eazy E - gimme that nut
    Eazy E - automobile
  19. Jahangir 420

    Jahangir 420 Registered+

    my mistake i just remembered its "top 5"

    -slaps himself-
  20. Json

    Json Registered+

    JA RULE-Living It Up:cool:
    Bizzare-Hey Hoe
    Delinquent Habits-Am Addicted
    Booba-Garde la peche

    1st few songs in media player:smokin:

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