Naming Your Bong

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by mjbennett06, Oct 8, 2007.


Do You Name Your Bong

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  1. mjbennett06

    mjbennett06 Registered+

    What Have You Guys Or Girls, Named Your Bong, Or Bongs, Mine Is Named BLUE EYES. Its A Cool Name I Think
  2. Brown Bomber

    Brown Bomber Registered+

    my pipe is named Hubert and my friends bong is named the Norse Winter Cold
  3. TheGreenBuddy

    TheGreenBuddy Registered+

    Mine is named James Bong
  4. OLDE ENGLISH '800

    OLDE ENGLISH '800 Registered+

    big daddy zumo
  5. 4gan2ja0

    4gan2ja0 Registered+

    citrus cause its a big orange mofo
  6. insertwittyusername

    insertwittyusername Registered

    my friends is red rocket and the one i had to sell was aquifina
  7. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    My bongs name is the batman bong but most of the time i just call it the bong
    ive named mad shit over the years tho. Quicksand, Daffodil, and Posideon are what i can remember now. GOD DAMN I MISS POSIDEON
  8. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    i am using the force as we speak :smokin:
  9. DaBudhaStank

    DaBudhaStank Registered+

    Well lets see, only bong i got is a mini so i call him Little Guy. but dont forget bowls man! i have a nice wizard bowl named (obviously) gandalf, lol. And then there was the Amoeba bowl....ah, memories.
  10. Hilder420

    Hilder420 Banned

    my bongs name is Margherita.. rita for short.. her original name was Rita Isalamp because one time i had it out on my end table when my mom came over and i turned the bowl toward the wall and put a lamp shade on it.. couldnt tell it was a bong! but yeah i renamed her Margherita cuz its pretty.. like her. theres a thread in the lounge with pics of her..
  11. savagehenry

    savagehenry Registered+

    got a clear blue 3 footer that we call belushi. also have a vape called the professor, pipes named easy rider and martha washington (she's a hip, hip lady), and a hookah named night moves. whenever me and my roommate get a new piece we christen it by smoking an 8th and coming up with a name. gotta love stoner rituals
  12. smokedaddy

    smokedaddy Registered+

    My bong's name is Billy , my friend's call him Mike , cause he hits like Tyson !!!!! :D Smokedaddy :Rasta:
  13. Struck420

    Struck420 Registered+

    ive always wanted to name my bowl but im not very creative hell i have a cat i havent named after a year haha
  14. GrummieBear

    GrummieBear Registered+

    i named my bowl true blue i named it while looking up at the sky while smoking the sky was so blue at the time
  15. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    Gandalf, is the name for BUZz's and my bong we jointly invested in.
    I've got 2 others (A acrylic Basil Bush one, and a Glass Bush Buzz-ARD bong) which are un-named.
  16. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    I name all my glass pieces. At the moment I only use my bubbler: Thomas Jefferson
  17. maryjaNe_

    maryjaNe_ Registered+

    bongs name is mj . :)
  18. iStaaHi

    iStaaHi Registered+

    name of mine is octopussy cuz its big orange and has 3 octopusses on it
  19. OriginalNlogax

    OriginalNlogax Registered


    Aquaman! Just sounds like an awesome name for a blue bong :stoned:
  20. Earthy Dank

    Earthy Dank Registered+

    bong's name is bong... not very creative but... i like it..

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