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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by neversummer, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. neversummer

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    Im here with a quick update from Nancy b's, my favorite edible company on the market right now. Nancy B's has set the standard for how a medical marijuana edible company should operate. They constantly provided a quality product that medical marijuana patients can count on to effectively relieve their symptoms. They have taken a very professional, and medical approach to the way they run their business, and present their product. Each one of Nancy B's extravagant edibles are made with love and care from organic ingredients, with organic medicine, in a kitchen certified by the state of Colorado. They are also leading the industry in labeling and packaging. Each treat is shrink wrapped with labels containing all the ingredients, and exact dosages. They look like they came out of a factory and could be sold at whole foods. One dose is .7 grams, and 2 doses is considered 1.5 grams. One dose alleviates my back and shoulder pain with ease. There is also a date stamped on each package so you know when it was made. They have added even more treats to the ever expanding menu. Snickerdoodles, Blunted Berry Squares, Chocolate Stars, Sweet n Salty Chocolates with bacon inside, Juju fruit juice jells, Coconut Apricot granola bars, and chocolate almond cherry muffins. They have snacks for all occasions, and all diets. All of the treats taste amazing, and are highly effective. My favorites are the granola bars and the lemon bars. The best part is they make special orders, and can bake up pretty much whatever you want. The medicine used is medical grade, 100% organic, soil grown, and comes from one grower. They are available at some of the finer dispensaries in Colorado, like Colorado Care Facility , Highland Health, Lotus, and High Country Healing. Any Dispensaries looking for a quality and reliable edible vender should contact them, they provide wholesale pricing and free delivery.They have a sweet website NancyBsEdibleMedicine. Any of you patients out there in medical land that haven't sampled any Nancy B's, swing by your finest neighborhood dispensary and try one, i promise you will love them!
  2. davo420

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    These are my favorites as well.

    Lemon bars are awesome!!

    Believe that highland has the best prices as they charge $7 for the lemon bars
  3. canaguy27

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    packaging looks nice. had some macaroons that had nothing. i ate both
  4. wb1996

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    nancy rocks!!!!

    I also am a big fan of nancy b's. I have a big tolerance to edibles and these mmj treats are the only edibles that I can feel, period. I have tried them all and no company even comes close. The owners are in this to help people and not trying to rake you over the coals when it comes to price. I smoke the MMJ that is used in the edibles and it is the best MMJ in colorado hands down so you know the edibles are going to kick you're ass. For all out there who are skeptical about edibles get you're face out of the bong and travel to you're local shop for the real deal son. By the way, try the lemon squares and the blunted berry bars.:D
  5. wb1996

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    Give them one more chance

    I have tried the macaroons also and thought they were the weakest out of the bunch, and it seems you and I are not the only ones that think this. Do not let this steer you away and give them one more chance and try a lemon square. I have let many patients try them and every single one said that they got great results.
  6. neversummer

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    Lemon squares are still my favorite. Seems like the granola bars work good tooo.
  7. davo420

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    Macaroons sucked.

    Berry bars aren't bad either.

    Lemon squares are the best!!!
  8. canaguy27

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    i will try those lemon bars, thanks for the tip!
  9. MountainMMJ

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    None of you have ever tried Deez Wake N Bakery...Believe me you will feel those edibles. Best I've ever had and I've tried most in Colorado.
  10. TheReleafCenter

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    Can't find contact info for them anywhere. Any help?
  11. HighPopalorum

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    I was so impressed with his sugar cookies I tried to get him to send me a couple dozen a few months back. Those things are potent as hell. Like a lot of people around here, I have a high tolerance and am mostly underwhelmed by edibles. Not Deez.
  12. fUNKYcDOG

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    be careful, those will keep you spin'in for a loooooooooong time :thumbsup::stoned:
  13. canaguy27

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    a fellow patient and i both tried the lemon bars a few months back and WERE NOT impressed at all. I took them back to the dispensary and they had gotten complaints as well, especially the macaroons. They tried to give me more for free but I even turned those down.

    i'm finished wasting my money on nancy b's. Shakedown sweets are VERY effective and I hear Medi-Snax muffins are incredible. They even are tested by full spectrum.

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