nat like bugs, help please

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by kj2themax, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. kj2themax

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    i checked on my plants and there are some little bugs kinda look like nats flying around. Everything seems to be fine now but dont want the plants to go bad. Anyone know what they might be and if they are harmless or not.
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    as far as I can tell...a few gnats don't seem to hurt anything. I always have a few...every grow.

    The eggs come in the potting soil. I leave my water jug near my plants.
    Half the gnats drown; every night in the jug...go figure...:smokin:
  3. emilya

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    get you a couple of those sticky fly trap hanging thingies... that will fix those critters fast!
  4. Dutch Pimp

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  5. LemonHazePls

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    These gnat's have been giving me the blues for several crops now. I haven't been able to totally rid my garden of them yet, however, I have kept them to very few by cleaning the saucers under the plants with hot soap and water (every time I water) and then covering the bottom of the saucer with AzaMax. I also found that the more holes in the pot, the worse they are because they crawl in and out of the dirt through the holes. The fabric pots are the best because they can't go in thru the bottom, but they take a little getting used to. Also make sure to spray and wipe the bottom of your grow room because they love to breed under the saucers. Basically if you can keep it CLEAN, they won't get the upper hand.
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  6. WashougalWonder

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    Yep good point
  7. silent leprechaun

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    Hey guys,
    I know Im a bit late replying on your gnat problem but I think I found a fairly harmless treatment.
    I have regular plants just inside my balcony and I found lots of them. They spread to just about all of the plants.
    I really noticed the problem when I decided to re-pot some of them.
    What I did was, I went to the shop and bought camolime tea, put a teabag in a pot and poured 2 litres (4 pints) of boiling water on it.
    I let it sit for the night to let the teabag do its thing. It also removed the chlorine in the water.
    Just give the plants a good soaking and see how they get on. My plants are gnat free already with only one flush and are doing fine.
    I read somewhere about this before Im sure. I think the camomile doesnt kill the gnats directly. It just makes their food inaccessible to them thus starving them.
    Give it a try if you want sometime. It worked for me.
    I havent had to use it in the G room yet but Im sure it would work and there will be no nasty chemicals being used.

    Let me know if anyone tries it.

    Take care boys and girls
  8. silent leprechaun

    silent leprechaun Registered+

    I have also read that cinnamon, ground or tea, can work wonders too !

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