Natural sunglight vs. daylight bulbs

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by oddish, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. oddish

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    Hi guys,

    First post, long-time reader. 2nd attempt at growing. I just bought 6x 23W 6500k cfl bulbs (115W total) for my vegging plant so that I can get a full 18 hours of light on it everyday. The plant is about 8in tall and has been getting a 12/12 cycle (which isn't good, I know, I don't want it to flower this early). For about a week now, I move the plant twice a day to get as much sunlight as possible around my apt (I live by the beach so the temperatures are low and there is lots of sunlight). On some days I even use mirrors to reflect more sunlight on it, haha. I want to use these bulbs as long as possible so I was thinking if it was better to continue what I have been doing and just add 6 hours of artificial daylight. At the same time, I'd rather waste light bulbs than have an unsuccessful yield. So if that means I should use only the bulbs, so be it.

    so to summarize...whats better pure daylight bulbs for 18 hours straight? or both?

    Feel free to chew me up, I just want this to be a successful run. I couldn't find this topic on this forum so I thought I start one :).

  2. NeverEnough

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    if you have 6 cfls for 1 veg plant you dont really need sunlight.

    your plant likes a routine and moving it all around from sunlight to cfl will stunt it.- thats if there is a delay of light which there has to be your not superman-

    if you leave it under the cfls for a couple weeks with a good routine you will be very happy.
  3. oddish

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    sounds good. Thanks for the reply
  4. headshake

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    yeah, i agree with NE, the sun and CFLs are completely different. if you put it under the CFLs for, let's say a month or so, then put them outside, they could possibly be dead in a matter of minutes or hours.

  5. sarah louise

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    Have to disagree with the cfl for 18 hrs being better than sunlight + cfl to make up the hours.

    This is how I veg year round and how I flower through winter, the best of the natural light with an indoor top up to make up the appropriate schedule. It really isn't difficult if your life allows you to be home every morning and evening to move plants around and you live at a favorable latitude.

    Neither is it a problem if a vegging plant sees dusk fall outside before it comes in for a top up, happens regularly around here. A flowering plant needs more care to maintain light cycles, but again, it really isn't that hard.
  6. martymarty

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    I like to start the babies with the flores. 18 hours the first week. By the second week (clones) I start bringing them out to meet the real sun. An hour to start in the early am or late afternoon, than building up to all day in a few weeks. With the current daylight hours and weather changes they are now under a 400 HPS (2nd and 3rd weeks of veg in this batch) during the night and am, than outside for the sunshine. In a few more weeks they will be the height I like and I will leave them outside most of the time.

    For me, this changing lite sources has not effected the cycles. I would think that keeping them in the window light would be very much the same. The time to do this does not matter as it is very short. Maybe 5 mins a day now. If I need to move them into bigger pots before taking them outside it will take more time, but again, not enough to bother me.
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  7. headshake

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    i never meant better like the CFLs are better than the sunlight. we all know the sun is the best lighting source possible.

    plans shouldn't be put outside and then bringing them back in is not advised as it invites all the outdoor "nasties" indoors to what should be a controlled environment. if using sunlight through a window then it's obviously not a problem.

    also, if a plant is not acclimated to any light source after being under another one it can have dire consequences.

    hope this clears up the point a bit.

  8. sarah louise

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    didn't suggest that, we were talking about using mixed lighting vs straight cfl, didn't say anything about all natural vs all cfl.

    Anything that enters an indoor grow space can bring in 'nasties', unless you have an airlock, and a go through a double barrier routine before entering your grow space, you will be contaminating the area every time you check your plants.

    A plant that goes outside everyday is most definitely acclimatised to the process.

    as do I,

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  9. headshake

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    actually the name of the title is natural sunlight vs. daylight bulbs.

    while this is true, why would you want to put them at more risk than they need to be? and you might be bringing bacteria, mold or other airborne agents, but i don't most people have bug larvae or actually bugs on them. you are one of the only growers i've seen on these boards that recommends this. (not saying that you are wrong, but just because it works for you doesn't mean it's advisable.)

    good growing!

  10. sarah louise

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    Shake I have no desire to split hairs, my experience suggests the risks really aren't as great as you suggest.

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