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    Ok I looked everywhere didn't find anyone do this yet I have done this and can promise it is very productive. After making a tincture(Master Wu) I was looking at different ways of introducing it. I stuck it in a nebulizer.

    A nebulizer is a device that asthma patients use as well as others to atomize the liquid as you inhale it. I had a lot of shake and decided it was a good concept, I was looking at compressing it in a cannister(like sativex does) for a MDI(measured dosage inhaler). I wanted to go out and hang it from my neck like a regular asthmatic inhaler.

    Well what I ended up doing to test my theory is bought a nebulizer and poured a small amount(and that is all you need not even a teaspoon) of liquid in it. Because it is going into the lungs it is a automatic high. It is a very clean high that you end up with what I call the bobble head effect (your head is on it's own but your still on the ground?). Each breath(hit) is tasty like great bud, you get a automatic high. It is not a stoney(couch ridden) high, you can still be productive but you feel great.

    One thing great about this is you can continue to get high/er or you can ease off(you can control it), the after effects are minimal(if existent), I don't know how long the high is though I'd say it lasts as long as a smoking high for regulars(45min-1.5 hours). Just like the dropper drinking method it takes very little to get the day going great. One thing nice is that if you can't take a capsule or dropper due to time frame you can get yourself a shorter high and it is still very economical.
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    Do you mean you inhale nebulized green dragon?
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    Yeah sorry tinctures weren't popular when I originally started it, just green dragon.

    It works surprisingly well I took it to a bar one night and had about 7 different people try it all had the same experiences, then I did it on a gray hound bus on a trip and another couple people tried it.

    I did go online there have been other people who have created nebulizers purely to get "drunk" so I figured I'd give it a shot. It works extremely well. You don't get drunk because you use such a small amount of the atomized substance, the THC is much stronger.

    I've had several compliments on the taste as it tastes very rich, like great bud, with out that ashy taste ever showing up.

    I'd been reading this forum off and on for years, just never really wanted a account, figured this would be worth sharing with other fans.
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    wickd... I need to try this
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    It is not a burning taste like you'd expect because it atomizes so well. It is kind of like vaporizing except it is a actual moisture.

    It sounds really crazy but unless you try it you won't really understand. All the basic concepts are there, you can introduce outside substance through eating/drinking, inhaling, or shots(obviously shots are a ridiculous with this).
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    Well... i dont know if it would be a healthy thing to have alcohol into my lungs... i would like to know what our resident doctors would say about this.
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    there are whole "trendy" bars that have nebulizers serving drinks, and they seem to be in code... one would assume that it would be safer than smoke in your lungs
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    Yeah it is fun it is an easy way to avoid looking like your smoking and looking like your a asthma patient, while I was on the bus taking my "medicine", a guy asked if I was going to be ok LOL(I'll be fine was my response), we were going through the mountains(up in elevation).

    My goal is making it safe to go through airports as well, and obviously if I can pressurize it and stick it in a cannister(MDI) as well I would be not only oxygen proof but I would look fully legal.

    I enjoy it and like I said there are companies selling nebulizers to get drunk(though it takes a lot of puffs to drink down a shot of alcohol), but using green dragon obviously would give you a quicker high.
  9. Nebulized

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    Yeah it is the same concept of any medication being atomized and going into your lungs. Alcohol is being introduced into the lungs but it is such a small amount that it doesn't give you enough to get "drunk" I'm sure you take enough puffs it is going to happen, but everything I've read about people using nebulizers to drink alcohol, they said it took forever to take down a shot(1.5 fluid ounces) in a nebulizer made specifically for alcohol. Well I am using a atomizer that you put about 2 cc(2 ml)(it holds about 4cc), and that will last around 20 puffs(more or I think never got real specific with it), that will last you a while a whole night if you space it out, as the math has been done before about 30 ml to batch of green dragon, you get a minimum of 150 puffs out of it. I filled up my neb twice(about 8 ml) at the bar, got at least 7(lost track) people messed up, and that is repeatedly hitting it we all maintained for around 3-4 hours.

    Only a few of us were heavy smokers though, so not everyone was hitting it alot.
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  10. grumio

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    brilliant. what exactly are you using? I'm already a total tincture clown, this is intriguing...
  11. Nebulized

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    I just used Master Wu's recipe and it turned out pretty well.

    I used a regular squeeze pump nebulizer.
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    I think that is exactly the one I used. It is cheap, easy, and it was nice for the experiment. I suppose I may buy a fancy pancy one, but I really just want to learn to compress cannisters for a MDI.

    I suppose we can find a watery way to make it a bit thinner for compression purposes, but with the same potency for easier atomizing.

    If you can get a good puff there will actually be a mist coming out your mouth.
  12. Nebulized

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    Has anyone else tried it? Just wondering if anyone else enjoys this as much as I do.
  13. Coelho

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    I would try it as soon as i got some response from the resident doctors of saying that inhaling alcohol is not harmful to the lungs.
    Ok that there is people that does it in the bars and such, but it doesnt mean that its healthy. For example, drinking (booze), is NOT healthy, and people does it nevertheless.

    Anyway... the amount of nebulized tincture needed to get the effects is larger, smaller or equal to the amount of drank tincture i would need to get the same effects?
  14. grumio

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    I'd love to try it, but I'm not quite rich enough to just pop for one to see what it's like at the moment. Next time an unexpected 50 comes my way, I may just give it a whirl.

    How does it compare to vaping? Vape & tincture pretty much do the trick for me...
  15. Nebulized

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    I most definitely agree that a doctor's approval would be key, however I don't do it daily because I don't know the long term or short term effects. I'd say smoking is probably as bad or worse, basically with a nebulizer you are introducing the regular air into your system as your are inhaling the tincture. Where as when you smoke you are inhaling a burning still hot oxygen eaten smoke.

    From all the research I've done on lung damage linked to alcohol the jist I got is that person who does it moderately has stronger lungs. A person who is an alcoholic seem to have a death rate with lung issues even with that of liver problems. However, around 80% of alcoholics are heavy smokers, which has been linked to lung issues. Smoking and drinking heavily together obviously seems to increase lung infection.

    It seems that alcohol seems to be bad for the lungs however it is mostly due to the correlation of heavy drinkers being heavy smokers. You do have alcohol in your lungs when you drink.

    When you drink around 5% of your alcohol consumed is exhaled and 5% goes through urine, while 90% goes through the liver.

    The amount of alcohol you are getting in one breath is very minimal when you consider how much you have to drink to get drunk, take 4-6 shots gets most people a solid buzz to a fantastic drunk, that is 6-9 oz of alcohol going into your stomach.
    Doing the math:
    (6oz=177 ml )* .05 = 8.85 ml
    (9oz=266 ml )* .05 = 13.3 ml

    When I was at the bar and I showed some friends, we used maybe at very most 10 ml with at least 7 heads.

    For "moderate" drinkers they are those who drink around 2 drinks daily(a study showed moderate drinkers have stronger lungs).
    The math;
    3oz= 88.71 ml * .05 = 4.4355

    That would be a lot of tincture to take down in my experiences.
    I have a nebulizer that holds 4 ml, the only time I filled it was the first time, I realized that was way overwhelming. I could go through about a dropper full(1 ml, already had a dropper and a nice form of measurement) and feel great but you don't need to just inhale it as fast as possible.

    Theoretically it should not be any worse then drinking. Now inhaling it straight on that is the question. The great thing about a nebulizer is that it makes it into a very very fine mist so that it can be easier absorbed, it is literally just a taste and inhaling at least a moisture(rather then drying out your lungs), your body doesn't have to break it down it goes straight into the blood stream via oxygen, so the high is immediate like smoking.

    I will admit that it is entirely possible to not realize how fu6ked up your are until you start to be active, being in a social atmosphere makes it much more noticable. If your sitting at home it is less noticeable, it seems that your thought process is still intact, but you are floating I can't explain it, like having high grade THC weed it just makes you really high.

    -Immediate high(one hit gets me good and buzzed)
    -A head floating feeling high(clean)
    -Still have solid coordination
    -Thoughts still intact
    -More control over your length intoxication
    -More control over how intoxicated you want to get

    -A much shorter high(seems about as long as a smoking high)
    -Not medically approved(don't know the long/short term effects)
    -Once it is in the nebulizer you must use it or waste it
    -It doesn't debilitate you as much (It isn't a "stoney" high)
    -Must continue to take puffs in order to stay intoxicated(not just a dropper full drank in a shot)

    I'm sure there are other pros and cons but I ain't in the right mind set to continue to ramble. Hope some of that is helpful.

    I had to re do it and remember how much I used lol. I wasn't sure, because I never really payed attention. Now I can't pay attention lol.
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    I also forgot to bring up that you are receiving less then that amount in one puff(1 ml). Obviously you aren't expelling all of your alcohol in one breath when you consume. You are taking a relatively concentrated amount of alcohol in one breath.
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    hahaha.;........... I saw a friend do this about 15 or 10 years ago. I thought he just fuked up a good nebulizer. some times when you wana make stuff, you should just make a joint and fire
  18. Nebulized

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    LOL I gotcha, however, if your trying to get a little rocked with relative ease and with out the stoney aftermath this is key. Also if you read I am trying to figure it out how to pressure and contain it so that I can stick it in a MDI(measured dose asthma inhaler) so I can go out and still use it.
  19. Coelho

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    Im thinking about trying it today... anyway i still have one question:
    How much tincture (mililiters) do you need to get an average high from nebulizing it?
    And how much tincture (mililiters) you would need to drink to get this same level of highness?
    (OK that drinked weed has longer effects... but i mean only the level of highness during the peak of intensity of the high for the both situations.)
  20. Nebulized

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    Well you can put a dropper in which in most cases is about a ML. That will take a minute to take down(it is quite a few puffs, not just 3 or 4 prolly 10 plus depending on how well yours atomizes. ), but I also don't know what kind of nebulizer you have, you might have to add a little more or less because of the size of the liquid container. Mine was just a little pocket neb.

    Normally a couple puffs and you can feel the difference, really you don't need to use a whole lot to try it to see if you like it, which is very nice. I liked it and so did everyone I have had try it.

    Consumed weed is a much longer effect, but this is a bit more instantaneous. Like I said it only takes a few puffs and I feel a difference. So I mean you may go through some more, but it is a much more controlled high I would say, and you can take a few puffs a few times an hour and see how you like it, adjust accordingly, I need only a very small amount just to get high. From there you can see how much you need. I am a regular smoker and it only took a few to close my eyes and open them a notice.

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