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    WOW! I've never had such an easy and healthy grow! Nectar For The Gods is great stuff and its organic. I've been a GH fan for years. Earlier this year I changed from a aquaponics system to growing in coco and perlite (70/30 mix). My last grow was with GH regular nutes and had great success. In June I decided to change to growing with organics. I vegged for 5 weeks, and have been in flower for 3 weeks. I'm having great success so far. Plants are healthier with NFTG, than GH (sorry GH...I've used your products for years). Buds look great and growing everyday. The people who developed these products, know what their doing.

    I just want to share my info. I have no other interest in NFTG. They are based in Oregon and I'm in NY.

    Any of you have experience with Nectar For The Gods?

    Peace, PIF

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