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    Hey im currently starting my 400watt hps budbox grow tent grow. i have, 2 x Critical haze Feminized + 1 x BlueWidow Feminized and im waiting for a friend to clone some Barneys LSD for me.
    Getting to the point, i have purchased a nutrient and addative kit from my local Hydroponics store. I have pictures of the Nutrient kit and the Feeding Table provided but im not sure on how it works, do i feed the plants nutes every time i water or do i only feed once weekly as it suggests on the table. Anyone using these nutes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.:thumbsup:
    Heres the info on the nutes,

    Including :

    Complete 500ml set of Holland Secret Grow, Micro & Bloom

    500ml Holland Secret Grow

    500ml Holland Secret Micro

    500ml Holland Secret Bloom

    Complete range of essential Holland Secret Additives

    125ml Prop-O-Gator Root Stimulator – Improves root mass or poor root development in early stage growth

    125ml Super B+ - Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) - Increases stress tolerance to transplant shock, high salinity & poor root development

    125ml Royal Gold Fulvic Acid – Increases stress tolerance to drought and temperature variations

    50g Carbo Blast – Maximises plant energy efficiency

    50g Ton Of Bud - Bulk Promoter

    50g Heavies – Bloom Enhancer for ripening & firming

    Developed for cutting edge Modern growers Holland Secret sediment free fertilisers are unsurpassed in helping crops reach their absolute maximum potential. Holland secret is a complete 3 part fertiliser manufactured in British Columbia, Canada. Micro-filtered to ensure sediment removal, giving a clean formula with no salt build up or nutrient fall out (precipitation)

    Holland Secret is fully ph stable and adjusts most water down to the correct ph level for plants.

    Three part Nutrient Formulas are ideal for novice or expert growers as they are very effective and easy to use. Refer to the supplied chart (also pictured in listing) that gives the user a choice of stages for plant growth from seedlings and cuttings right through to harvest time. Growers will experience no deficiencies and perfect lush plant growth from Holland secret alone without the use of extra additives, however to tweak the plant even further and to enhance the fruit & flowering this kit is supplied with a complete range of cutting edge additives to guarantee Holland Secret will work for your grow in any situation with any grow media.

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