need a pic of a quarter ounce

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by tokeovertheline, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. tokeovertheline

    tokeovertheline Registered

    i need a good pic of one, because i think i'm getting ripped off. Could someone please post a pic of their quarter if they have one? thanks.
  2. rysk8er420

    rysk8er420 Registered+

    You cant go by looks alone sometimes even if youre an experienced smoker, because weed can have different densities. Your best bet is to go buy a postal letter scale, at your local headshop. Its not the most accurate but it measures grams and quarter to half ounces well.
  3. tokeovertheline

    tokeovertheline Registered

    how much would one of these be?
  4. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    well a quarter is 7 grams. u ever bought a gram? well do this x7 lol. but depends if bud is compact or not.
  5. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    here i found one of my pic. this is about 1.5 gram of kinda compact bud. so do this x4.5

    sorry dont have any other pics right now hope itll help

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  6. rysk8er420

    rysk8er420 Registered+

    I think he was talking about one of the letter scales, which are really cheap(like $3), but i get quarters for like $70-$75 of dank buds and $50-$60 a quarter for mids.
  7. mellow mood

    mellow mood Banned

    didnt he say he wants a pic of a quarter? and isnt a quarter 7 grams?
  8. tokeovertheline

    tokeovertheline Registered

    well, I pay like 25 dollars for my quarters
  9. The Brotherhood.

    The Brotherhood. Registered

    i fuckin hate vegas prices i get like a hooked up 9g quarter for 80 cus its my good homie but most people out here get like 7.3 for 100.
  10. Stonedallthetime

    Stonedallthetime Registered+

    ahhh good old quebec, always good bud, always good prices
  11. miccheck

    miccheck Registered+

    a q would be the Jamacian sugar and Dutch treat, or a full bag of the jamacian sugar...... ish.

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  12. tokeovertheline

    tokeovertheline Registered

    you all get some good stuff. Down here in Mississippi, all I can find is skunk.
  13. cotch and bun

    cotch and bun Registered+

    skunk is just a general word for bud. therefor the fact that all you can find is skunk is not really a it. or maybe thats just here in the uk? dunno
  14. Puffin

    Puffin Registered

  15. abcmofo

    abcmofo Registered+

    puffin you shouldnt be proud of that
  16. somebody someone

    somebody someone Registered+

    the term skunk to us means GOOD SHIT
  17. Puffin

    Puffin Registered

    Y u say that
  18. Gumby

    Gumby Registered+

    cause it's brick weed... looks like it came out of an ass of a donkey coming for mexico...
  19. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    looks like hash blocks to me...
  20. smartdog05

    smartdog05 Registered

    Try 3 fingers acrossed a sandwhich bag, but really depends on the tightness of the buds.

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