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Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by uniyhweed, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. uniyhweed

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    what would be an ideal soil mix for Mass. I have good light i plan on growing purple power and hollands hope. i have places slected i just need a good mix to really get things going. any suggestions
  2. SheCutEmDown

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    40% pearlite
    10% sand
    10% rock wool (little pieces)
    40% Soil (premuim organic)
  3. uniyhweed

    uniyhweed Registered

    so no bone or blood marrow and is the sand and rocks mainly for drainage?
  4. TheLastIndian

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    I don't know about sand. I mean I'm not saying the other dude is wrong, but I feel like I read something bad about sand. I recently used lots of perlite mixed with good organic soil/compost and some worm castings. I also threw in some bone meal because we use it on other plants on the farm. The strawberries we planted got HUGE with just a little bone meal under the soil right below the roots but not actually touching the roots. So ya just my 2 cents. I don't think you can go wrong with good stuff like perlite, compost, worm castings, etc.
  5. BigLeagueJew

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    as long as you don't snag that compost from outside and bring it in!:thumbsup:
  6. legalize_it420_4ever

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    soil mix

    if u got acess to a truck u can buy bulk tripple mix for about $20 a yard (a yard is allot prolly enough to last u the season atleast) then buy a big compressed bundle of peat moss n some perlite thats the best cheapest way in my opinion n u can add any nutrients u prefer to it

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