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    I have a set up with 19 plants in a 5ft9 by 6 ft closet. i have (6) 23 watt cfl and (4) 40 watt 6500k t12s. need advice on how much to water and how to change that the older they get. How should i have the lights set up? more or less lights? better circulation? I have a fan on its low setting right now. I am using a regular soil with humus and manure right now. On a strict budget. what size pots should i get for the plants? And any advice i can get. Will post pics
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    it keeps saying my picture file is to large
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    Get a picture resize app and reduce it.

    You can get a little bud from those lights but honestly you should be sticking to high intensity lights like LED or HPS if you want anything you will be proud of. I started with CFLs and tube fluoros also and you will probably regret it like I did.

    Read all you can, it's not about how much water to give your plants but how moist you keep the soil. Cannabis likes airy, free draining soil and can only slightly tolerate it's roots being constantly wet. Most growers water an appropriately sized amount of nutrient mix once a week with one or two waterings in between. To pull this off you have to start in small containers like solo cups and transplant to larger pots as the plants outgrow them.

    Oh and don't use manure! Think about it, if we are what we eat then your plants are getting loaded up with bull shit right now. Your plant has no choice, that's its food. Then you want to smoke that crap? I wouldn't...worm castings is the closest to manure I'd recommend, remember this is supposed to be medicine.
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    Your CFLs/tubes will allow the plant to live it's life, but not flourish. However I have seen some fine hauls, but using like 20 CFLs. But if you're going to that many CFLs, just buy or make something better. :thumbsup:

    I suggest solo cup, to a 1 gal or 2 gal, to its final container either 3-7 gal +. The final container just depends on the plants genetics.

    Watering... Just be patient, I can tell by lifting the pot to tell it's dried out. I also have an inexpensive moisture meter that can measure down to 18 inches of soil. Emilya has a very good method,

    You want your canopy/tops of plants to have a realistic breeze effect. Let them blow around enough, but you don't want leaves getting forced straight up, forced down, or seating branches. Movement is fine, just not a gust.

    I second Red on the manure. Sure it might work, but it can lead to fungus, bugs, stench etc. But heck, if you like it then by all means use it lol. I use cow crap on my maters', but I can't say weed likes it.

    Growing cannabis is a lot of personal opinion...We all have our ways. But there is also proven science and tried methods, most of which can be found on this site.:doublethumbs: Goodluck!
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    All of the lights have been free. im planing on
  6. smith.nicholas318

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    I am looking at fox farms ocean forest soil to transfer them into. has anyone used this soil?
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    Im using it currently
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    Its a good soil. You dont need to feed for a while when using as it is fortified. I go at least 30 days with straight water no nutes.

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    I agree with everything but the manure. You're plants are not going to get 'loaded up with the shit'. Manure is nature's natural fertilizer. Farmers and gardeners use it on vegetable crops, I've used it in many areas most of my life. Actually, I prefer mushroom compost, but it started with manure. The thing that's an issue, is how strong the manure nutrient is going to be, you don't really have a way to control it without several trials and careful monitoring.
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    I use this.
    Great stuff
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    I use fox farm soil and nutrients on my second year of growing and it work really well for me I have a 4x3x51/2 tail closet grow

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