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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Thedogfather, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Thedogfather

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    I have a drug test for per employment on the 12/15. They told me that I have the job just need to run a background check and take a drug test. I ate some brownies on 11/20 (maybe later) and have been clean about 2 weeks (before the test). Do you think I could test positive? I need some advice soon!

  2. Thedogfather

    Thedogfather Registered

    I am a mild smoker.
  3. Deige

    Deige Registered+

    Pick up a home test kit and test yourself using the first void of the day. Then you'll know where you stand.
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  4. Thedogfather

    Thedogfather Registered

    I got a home drug test and will report back with the results tomorrow.
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  5. bewpy1

    bewpy1 Registered

    Yeah there is no real way for us to tell, everyone is different when it comes to being clean. There are a lot of variables that come into play.
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  6. bigsby

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    Are you sure it's a pee test? Cut your hair short, today! And again just prior to your test. Although I'm not sure that will work either...
  7. Thedogfather

    Thedogfather Registered

    Here is the pee test results. I picked up the quickscreen at home drug test. It says in the booklet that comes with the test that two lines are a negative result. There is a line in the C and the line in the T is really light. Should I still be cautious about doing the drug test?

    I looked on the LabCorp website and the place that is closest to me does Urine test.

    Photo on 2011-12-04 at 07.46.jpg
  8. bewpy1

    bewpy1 Registered

    Well, I dont know for sure.. I only know from what i've heard people say, but I heard a line is a line, doesnt matter how light it is.. So I believe you passed if there is a line in both.
  9. kayakush

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    hey bro, know how it feels, if there is a line present, no matter how faint, the test is negative....however, if you really want this job maybe think about the dilution technique that is a sticky, it works, and cut your hair everywhere....that may be rash but if its just pee then u may pass, but it all depends on so many factors. i hope you pass bro

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