need advice for autoflowering plants

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by ephyx057, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. ephyx057

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    seeds are on the way.

    just curios on what folks thought i should be using for nutrients, light spectrum, lighting time 24/0 20/2 18/4, can you top an auto flowering plant?
    i got a new camera so i will be giving a detailed diary to how my grow works......

    i am so freakin excited

    thanks alot :jointsmile:
  2. ephyx057

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    seeds are lowryder #2 x ak47 from attitude
  3. SmokeMyPiece

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    Yesss :thumbsup: Ive been thinking the same questions. Would really like to know some thoughts too.

    got some autos as well, maybe we can start em at the same time.
  4. ephyx057

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    well dude ill tell you what im running.... and we can compare how we did
    i made a box that is 36in tall 32 in long and 20 in deep lined it with mylar and hooked up my light. it looks like i am going to be running a 2700 100w cfl and two shitty floro tubes i had from walmart for some chili peppers. i just put them in there for a little more light. i got a 6 net 6 gallon resevoir (10 actual) with a 130 gph pump, a 60 gallon tank air pump from walmart pushing two 10 in airstones. for nutrients i got foxfarms tigerbloom and the batshit and worm casing i want to say it was called grow big...ill be changing out my water every sunday and will probably take pictures then. i havent recieved my seeds yet but they should be here today or tomorrow and im gonna start. ive read about everything i can find on this type of grow but cant find anything specific to autoflowering plants so im just going to treat the plant as if it doesnt need veg time since its gonna do what it wants anyways.... also i am going to be doing 24 hr lights on
    i hear alot of conflicting things about timing but im just going to keep it on all the time because homedepot was sold out of timers.
  5. headshake

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    lighting period for autoflowers is 20 on /4 off. i would go with a warm, or 2700K spectrum. maybe mix in a few 6500K.

    is the CFL a 100W equivelant (or 23/26W) bulb or what? even if it is an actual 100W with the fluros, you need a BUNCH more light to get anything worth while. i was flowering under 16x, 23W, 1600 lumen CFLs. i had nice buds, but they were light and airy. CFLs don't penetrate the canopy well at all.

    the only thing the worm castings are good for is making a tea for a vegging plant. you don't need much N during flower. the tiger bloom will work thoughout flower. the batshit depends on which variety you got. indonesian and jamaican are both low in nitrogen, high in phosphorus so those would be good for flower as well. mexican and peruvian are both high in nitrogen, with mexican low in phosphorum/potassium and peruvian is also high in phosphorus but low in potassium.

    grow big is the name of a fox farm liquid nute (one for soil and a different for hydro).

    you can top an autoflower, you just can't clone it.

    hope this helps.

  6. GetThisOrDie

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    Whats up?

    20/4 and 24/0 both work great for autos in my experience. I actually have some afghan kush autos under 24 hour light. Anything below 20/4 will greatly reduce your yield with the autos.
    They do veg but only for 2-3 weeks depending on the strain and then start to auto flower.

    I wouldnt top an auto... or lst it or anything that will stress it. The life cycles of the autos are so short that you will see negative results in your yield from minor stresses. Even transplanting slows them down. Your best bet will be to plant them in their final containers from the start.

    They dont grow very much during their veg stage but as soon as flowering kicks in they grow alot.

    Hope I could help and goodluck! Dont forget to post pics. :thumbsup:
  7. ephyx057

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    thanks guys... i am reconsidering my lights for now. i found a nice ballast setup to run a 250w hps for really really cheap on craigslist so i think im gonna run it with the cfls

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