Need Advice on Getting Rid of Marijuana

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by A Stoner, Jan 7, 2018.

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    A friend of mine owed me money for gambling debts for several years. I thought I was never going to get my money back and I kept calling him every month to try to get some of the money back to no avail. He called me up last month and told me that he doesn't have money but that he could pay me in weed that he had been growing. He said he would give me 9 pounds of OG Kush to pay me back for what he owed. He owed me $6000. I Googled the price of OG Kush and it seemed more than fair and my chances of ever getting cash out of this guy seems about zero. I figured it would be easy to find someone to buy this stuff. Boy was I wrong.

    So now I'm sitting on 9 pounds of OG Kush for the last month. The quality is great but in my circle of friends no one has the dough to buy large amounts and I don't want to start slanging grams. Does anyone know where I could go to sell this stuff in bulk? Can I just walk into a dispensary here in Los Angeles and see if they will buy it? I just want my $6000 or best offer and be done with this.

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