Need advice on my outdoor plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by OGteeg, Nov 2, 2017.

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    He's only right, mate.
    And under LEDs, plants transpire less, (No radiated heat), so they are easy to drown.

    The best way I've found, is a postal scale.
    They are cheap, accurate, and not considered paraphernalia. :)

    Fill one of your containers with dry soil.
    Weigh it and write that down.
    Then water it thoroughly and weigh it again.
    Those are your absolute limits.

    The weight will creep up as the plant grows of course, but it need not ever get too dry, or be kept too wet.
    Water weighs a pound per pint, so you will know when, and how much to add.

    In large containers, I just give 'em a little kick.
    If they notice, I water 'em. :)

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    It's been a couple weeks, any updates? GG's are not large plants to begin with and planting late in the season and now inside I doubt it will grow a whole lot larger. The size of the pot will also inhibit growth. Over watering may kill it. Unless it's extreemly dry where you are daily watering is WAY too much. Maybe it's time to cut and dry and then jar?

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