Need advice on starting a dispensary.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by Carlson65, Oct 14, 2016.

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    My brother and I have plans to start a medical marijuana dispensary in Ontario, Canada. We have gained connections with several Doctors who prescribe MMJ. It is now favorable in Canada to start a dispensary, The Ontario law is giving license to start one. But, I heard that it ain't easy and there are still a lot of procedures to follow. I read this article about the registration procedures and they have mentioned about three stages to acquiring the license.
    I would like to get a detailed idea of the procedures to follow to start our dispensary. We have experience working in general dispensaries and we are getting inquiries from patients about MMJ. So, I think this is the right time. Need your help.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Here is a great article on how to use SEO for dispensaries
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    He didn't ask an SEO related question. BTW those backlinks are "no follow".

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