Need advice on starting a dispensary.

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    My brother and I have plans to start a medical marijuana dispensary in Ontario, Canada. We have gained connections with several Doctors who prescribe MMJ. It is now favorable in Canada to start a dispensary, The Ontario law is giving license to start one. But, I heard that it ain't easy and there are still a lot of procedures to follow. I read this article about the registration procedures and they have mentioned about three stages to acquiring the license.
    I would like to get a detailed idea of the procedures to follow to start our dispensary. We have experience working in general dispensaries and we are getting inquiries from patients about MMJ. So, I think this is the right time. Need your help.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Here is a great article on how to use SEO for dispensaries
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    He didn't ask an SEO related question. BTW those backlinks are "no follow".
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    I'd look into ArcGIS Online, to find a map that shows areas you could set up a dispensary. I've never used it, but they have a free trial, so perhaps they can generate a map for you.

    Even then, you should double check with local authorities to make sure your dispensary's location is within the law. But having an idea for locations would make it easier for them to green light one of your potential locations. The alternative is for them to suggest the same few locations they tell everybody else.

    It's very common for a city or county to shoehorn all the dispensaries into one small area, usually in some industrial zone.

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