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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by curtisleemc, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. curtisleemc

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    Here's the deal:

    I had to take a pre employment test. I quit smoking for a day and a half. i did not have a long notice. I used Omni cleansing liquid, which i used in the past twice and worked. Anyways, the night before the test i drank 5 liters of water to flush out my system. the next day i did not eat anything and drank 2 more liters of water and took the omni cleansing liquid along with the recommended water and the 4 yellow pills that came with it. I got a call back from the drug testing place saying that my test was dilute :wtf: Was i dilute due to drinking all that water, or dilute due to taking that omni liquid cleanse?

    I had to go back and re test. I used the same omni cleanse, this time i did not drink a lot of water, just the recommended amount the directions said to. oh and instead of taking the four yellow pills i only took 2 of them. I freaking out because i quit my other job for this one and if i have a dilute test again i will not be hired. what do you think my chances are for passing the second test....any advice would be appreciated. thank you.:hippy:
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    Well, its scary because in your case, most likely, you will need to have really dilute urine to pass the test, since you smoked only 48 hours prior to...

    Omni clease and those other magic potions are just an expensive way of dilution. Most of us here do not recommend them and do not think they work any better than following the dilution sticky.

    What's in the yellow pills? Most likely they contain creatine and B2 along with some fancy thistle or other stuff. Creatine needs to be taken a day or two before so it has enough time to manufacture into creatinine that is found in your urine. Maybe the 4 pills you took the day? before are gonna make it tho :) :)

    How much water did you actually drink before the test? Here's where the gatorade would have been better, it helps keep up your specific gravity, which is the other test they use to test for dilution (besides the creatinine).

    What are your chances? I'm not sure of your size or metabolism. Still, I'm not optimistic, but there have been people posting some crazy results, smoking right up to the test and still passing, so maybe you are one of those lucky people. Good luck!
  3. curtisleemc

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    thanks for the reply!

    The LAST day i smoked was on the first. I took my first test on wed. the 3rd. they called me back on Friday the 5th saying i had to retest. which i did on Friday. I usually only smoke a a hitter or two a night, but have been doing that for years.

    Im just curious if the test came back dilute because i drank a ton of water and did not eat anything. or it came back dilute just because i took the omni cleanse. the second test i took i only drank like 25-30oz of water with the omni cleanse. i start work tomorrow, hopefully i make it thru all day and they don't come yank me out of training! ill let ya know...

    by the way im 27, 5 ft 11 and weigh 170 lbs...if that helps at all. So basically im asking if by drinking a ton of water with no food is a good enough reason to have a dilute result. THANK YOU ;)
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    One of the MAIN factors you could had received a diluted result was because your creataline and PH levels were too low. The faster the fluids flow through your body, the more the levels decrease. Labs test for these factors to determine if a sample was diluted. One way to fix that is to load up on creatine 2-3 days before your test. On the day of the test you want to eat tums/rolaids/salt every hour to increase specific gravity levels. That should help avoid a dilute test.
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  5. curtisleemc

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    Thank you knotme66!

    You just put a sparkle of hope in my life! I know people say "magic potions" dont work. I have used this omni stuff twice in the last 3 years, getting tested at two different labs and passed! I just hope the reason i was dilute was because i drank and urinated too much water before the test. my fingers are crossed! Plus Omni has 1400mg of creatine in it. which i took 3 days before i had to take my second test. god im so screwed if i fail this....
  6. curtisleemc

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    Well i made it thru today, (first day of training) have not heard back if i passed or not. took the urine test on long do you think until sample is checked?
  7. FakeBoobsRule

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    PH level is not used to measure dilution but age of the urine, possible use of additives to urine, and substituiton of non-human urine.

    If you drank 2 liters plus the liquid drink plus what it told you to drink what did that all come out to almost a gallon? That's way too much fluid no matter if it was pure omni or pure water or pure diet coke. You should be using a sports drink instead of water.

    Read the dilution sticky.
  8. Burnt Toast

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    pH is checked to determine adulteration.

    Creatinine and specific gravity is checked for dilution and substitution.

    From the DHHS regulations:
    Hope that helps some :smokin:

    Source: Validity Testing - February 2005.pdf
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  9. curtisleemc

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    wow, that's some deep info right there.
  10. KNOTME66

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    FBR and BurntToast are correct and I stand to correct myself with what they said. I guess I knew what I meant to say, but I guess my fingers said something different. Labs do look for creatine AND specific gravity to determine dilution. I would still load up on creatine 2-3 days before any real test. Creatine Monohydrate is relatively cheap for a large bottle. The tums/rolaids/salt every hour will help with SPECIFIC GRAVITY.
  11. curtisleemc

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    ok...thanks for the help everyone...i really do appreciate it all. this is a great site. so i took the test on Friday at 3pm. It is now Tuesday night. do you guys thing they got my test back by now? The suspense is killing me! lol
  12. crookedc

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    does anyone know how many mg of Creatine Monohydrate one should take for the 3 days prior to taking the test?
  13. Burnt Toast

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    For detailed info on creatine-loading, follow the link N2 has supplied in post #1 of the Dilution sticky.

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