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Discussion in 'Edibles' started by jeng1128, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Hi guys,
    I'm a Ct MMJ card holder. Unfortunately our dispensaries just opened last month(the 20th of September to be exact) and their product sucks. They have 4 strains(theraplant 1002-6,) no edibles, concentrates or tinctures. And it's $500/oz get this PRE-GROUND. You can't even see it before u buy it! Anyways I know this Mom and Pop shop in Cali( that makes UNBELIEVABLE edibles.) It's a little pricy for the cake jars (they are 300) for $20 but the quality is on point. They also have fruity pebble, lucky charms, cookie crisp, and Reeses puffs treats with 150 for $10. I would just buy all the cake jars but I'm watching my weight. The cake jars come in Red Velvet (In from the east coast, I don't think I've ever had it,) Lemon Kush, Cookies and Cream, Strawberries and Cream and Birthday cake. I plan ordering Bday cake & Strawberries and Cream and 4 mix and match treats. You think I could bring it up to the dispensary I go to, because they're THAT good!! I'm too scared to try & make edibles myself but knowing my luck I'd screw it up & waste an oz of weed.
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    Jenn, extracting oil from the plant material is the way I do it. Then I infuse the oil into my butter, olive oil or coconut oil in a slow cooker on low heat. there are threads on here on different procedures. I have used the alcohol and acetone methods and they work well ( I prefer the plant material in freezer freeze and the acetone kept under 31 degrees a overnight) I mostly use edibles for my arthritis pain muscle relaxation (have spasms and cramps due to back injury in 1990) also makes me sleep at least 6 hours str8 instead of 3 hours. It is easier than u think I been doing it LEGALLY since 2000. If you ever come to Colorado let me know would love to give u extraction and edible making 101. Good luck

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