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Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by ShowOFF, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. ShowOFF

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm planning to grow 4 plants in a grow tent "Grow Lab GL80" (size is 2'7" x 2'7"x 5'11"). I have 3 questions for you, colleagues:

    • What pot size should I use to grow 4 plants (2 sativas and 2 hybrids) in the aforesaid grow tent?
    • Should I use 400w or 600w HPS bulb to fully cover my plants with light? I'm planning to use air cooled reflector to keep it cool.
    • How much Air Flow Capacity (CFM) should my Inline Fan have to decently operate with a carbon filter and air cooled reflector?

    Looking forward to hear from you, guys

    Thank you!
  2. Wagonweed

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    Probably looking at 4 2gal, even then your space will be tight. 3gal would be to big for the space. You should run 2 plants in that space in 3gal.
    Always go for more light
    Look at what size fan you want you want for the tent, 4",6"8" ect.. then look at their cfms, better to get something with 400cfm in case you get a bigger tent later on. Speed controller you will need no matter what cfm.
  3. ShowOFF

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    Thank you for the reply.

    If I decide to run 2 plants in my tent, will 5 galon pots be too big?

    If I get a speed controller I can use it with any inline fan?
  4. Wagonweed

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    Go with 3gal. Would be better for the space. After a run you will be able to tell if you can fit 3 3gal in there or if 2 5gal work better. Always some trial and error.
    Speed controller is for your inline fan. You'll never need to run the fan at full speed so you need to limit it. It also helps you dial in temp and humidity.
  5. ShowOFF

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    Thank you!

    I understood the situation about pots size but I'm still confused with a speed controller. I'm about to use "Soler & Palau TD" inline fan. Are speed controllers versatile? I can purchase any speed controller and it's gonna work with my "Soler & Palau TD" inline fan? Or I have to buy a certain speed controller?

    Sorry if my question confuses you.
  6. Wagonweed

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    Something like this is what you need. Lots of different types but all basically the same functions. Most are about $20.

    s&p site say "Fully speed controllable"
    So they will work with it.
  7. ShowOFF

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    Thank you, buddy! Wish you decent harvests!
  8. Wagonweed

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    Now it's down to 4" fan and filter or 6".

    Id go with the 4" fan and filter for your space. It will work great.

    Np happy to help. Post your grow log up whenever you get started.
  9. ShowOFF

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    Help me with something else, please.

    I'm going to buy an inline fan with a factory CFM of 250-340 (it's a little high for my tent but I'm getting it in case I decide to get a bigger tent in the future). If I get a speed controller, can I reduce the speed of the fan to 160 CFM for exampe?
  10. Wagonweed

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    Yes, exactly that. You have the ability to slow down or speed up the fan instantly.
  11. ShowOFF

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  12. ShowOFF

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    Hello again,

    What would be a better way to position two 3 gallon pots in a grow tent "Grow Lab GL80" (size is 2'7" x 2'7"x 5'11"). I drew 2 options with dimensions below (in centimeters).
    xfLfGabVuKg.jpg IMUJawBYe44.jpg
    Looking forward to hear from you!
  13. RUJU

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    Hey ShowOFF,
    I actually think you’d be able to fit 4 pots in your tent since 5 gallon pots are 12” across. That said, the space would be a bit tight.

    If just looking at 2x 3 gallon pots then I would position them side by side (not diagonal) & situated in the middle of the tent. As your plants grow you’ll want to LST & Top/FIM (especially for Sativa strains since they grow taller) to make your plant grow into all that empty space around the pots so you can make the most of your lights. You can also mainline to help increase yields per plant & keep an even canopy. I’d also use a 600w LED since you’re just a little under 3’x3’.

    What nutrients are you planning to use & what soil? Don’t use Miracle Grow. If you don’t want to deal with measuring out nutrients & such, I’d start with Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil for your seedlings in SOLO cups. After 3 weeks you can fill 50% of your 3 gallon pots with a super soil, top off with Happy Frog, then transplant your plants. Super soils carry all the nutrients your plants will ever need (just add water), but plants tend to grow a bit slower since it takes longer for the roots to naturally break down the surrounding nutrients for absorption.

    Btw I like your room sketch! Haha most hobby growers don’t usually do something as basic as mapping out their grow. I think with some help from a few experienced growers & a bit of studying you’ll do well. Just remember to be as meticulous throughout your grow. Also don’t overwater...
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  14. ShowOFF

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    Hello RUJU,

    Thank you for the detailed reply! Initially I was gonna grow 4 plants but on other forums I was told to run just one or two plants inside a grow tent like mine because it's small. Also, I was gonna mix sativa and hybrid plants but I was told not to mix it as I'm going to try my first grow.

    Speaking about lightning, I'm going to use 400w HPS. LED lights cost too much.

    I can't tell about soil or nutrients that I'm going to use. I live in Russia and we don't have any soil or nutrient brands that you listed so I'll just go to a local garden store and see what they have.

    Lastly, I was going to use SCROG method to increase yeilds but you advised to use LST&Top method. Which one is going to be better to grow 2 hybrid plants?
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  15. RUJU

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    Hey ShowOFF,
    I'd go with Hybrid strains since it's your first grow & your height tops off at <5'11". Sativas are generally trickier than Indica dominant/hybrid strains & grow much taller, especially once you flip to 12/12 photoperiod. You can expect ~100% increase in height for Sativas once you begin flowering (EX. 2.5' plant would become 5' tall after switching to 12/12 photoperiod). In comparison, Indica dominant strains will typically see ~50% increase in height after flipping to 12/12.

    If you're going to be using a 400w HPS bulb then I would supplement it with some cheap CFLs/T5s (don't give off much heat) since the HPS bulb is meant for flowering stage (gives off more red light aka not great for vegetative phase of growth). Your plants will also appreciate the additional light from the CFLs, but that's totally up to you.

    In regards to soil, you can use any brands you'd like, but you should avoid soil similar to Miracle-Gro. You'll want a soil meant for seedlings for the first 2-3 weeks (low in nutrients) since the plant will be able to feed itself for the first 2-3 weeks before showing symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. Also keep your seedlings in SOLO cups or any plastic cup around 14-18 oz in size for the first 2-3 weeks before transplanting them to your 3 gallon pots with a "hot" soil (soil with more nutrients). If you try to use a "hot" soil from the beginning your seedlings will most likely suffer nutrient burn & stunted growth so do some research. Also don't forget to put a lot of holes in your plastic cups for good water drainage. Your plants will grow faster this way. If you plant the seedlings directly into a 3 gallon pot then you should only water a small circle around the base of the plant while also foliar feeding for those 2 weeks, otherwise, you'll end up with stunted plants. You should ask some of the advanced growers about soils & nutrients to use since you'll probably run into nutrient deficiencies during the flowering stage (unless you're using a super soil mix).

    Even if you're going to use the SCROG method (which you should) you should still utilize LST (Low Stress Training - tie branches down to fill out more space & get an even canopy) along with TOP/FIM techniques (to get more top colas & grow wider, bushier plants). Here's a link to a site I use that you should take a look at since the information is easy to navigate for beginners ( You'll be able to find all the basics along with growing techniques & best practices for harvest time.

    One last thing, since you're from Russia I'd suggest being very careful with your grow & not order all your materials from one place. I'm not too familiar with Russia's cannabis laws, but I believe it's still very much illegal. That said, it's your home/country so I'm sure you'll do your due diligence. Anyways, be smart, be safe, & happy growing!
  16. Wagonweed

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    Scrog is good but your plants are trapped in their tent for all of veg and flower. Meaning you won't be able to move them if you need to. I found lst and top/fim to be just about equal to yield but more labour intensive then a scrog. Try one method then the next. Theres so many ways to grow. You could look up vertical grows or vert grows. They are another method of maxing out space in small areas.
    Everything has it's pros and cons.

    The site Ruju posted is a great resource. Pot placement is what he said, in the center of the light.
    There is combo ballasts out there that do both mh and hps. You only change the bulb for veg and flower. You may want to look into it.
    Thats too bad led lights are more money where you are.
  17. ShowOFF

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    I'm so glad that you had time to answer my noob questions! The way you explain me things is ACADEMIC!

    I was surprised when you said that Sativa grows 100% higher after switching to flowering stage, I didn't know. I'll keep that in mind.

    For germinating and seedling stage I'm going to use peat pellets, which I'll transfer to 3 gal pots later.

    I'm going to use MH bulbs for vegitating stage and HPS for flowering stage so the plants get proper light colour.

    You are absoluttely right about Russian laws. Here people go to prison for 3 years for keeping just a single gram. Or you can pay a bribe of $5000 to not to go to prison. I've got a safe quiet place and I'll be careful. I hope russian police isn't watching me right now on this forum xD
  18. ShowOFF

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    Your points regarding SCROG, lst and top/fim seem reasonable. I'll keep that in mind.

    Thank you!
  19. RUJU

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    Hey ShowOFF,
    I’m glad the information was easy to digest. I’m a noob too so GO NOOBS! Haha I’ve just reading a shit ton on cannabis.

    I don’t have experience with peat pellets, however, if you’re going to use a 3 gallon pot later just make sure your seedlings have a healthy root system before transplanting. This will help prevent you from overwatering/drowning your seedling early on. Remember, water in a small circle & gradually get bigger after the first 2-3 weeks.

    Good choice on the MH bulb & I’m glad you listened to WagonWeed on that suggestion. He’s been helping me out in my own grow log at the moment too actually.

    Haha well be safe & I hope they aren’t watching either! Happy growing & let me or WagonWeed know if you need anymore help. I’ll be lurking.
  20. ShowOFF

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    Hello, RUJU

    I'm currently browsing a LED light for my grow tent "Grow Lab GL80" (size is 2'7" x 2'7"x 5'11") and I'm a little bit confused with the power measurements. I read on the Internet that 1 sq ft of grow space requires about 32 watts of actual wattage. Therefore, I need about 220W of actual output. Am I right?

    My confusion comes from the fact that some of the LED lights are advertised as 600W but have only 270W of actual wattage and others are advertised as 1200W but have 250W of actual wattage. Both lights are full spectrum. Please, guide me on this matter!

    Thank you!

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