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Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by ShowOFF, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Hey ShowOFF,
    I hope all's well in Russia. I think your 32wsf (watts per square foot) is more typical of other plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc), not necessarily for cannabis (grows a bit differently from other plants). From what I've read you'll want roughly 50wsf-75wsf since after 75wsf you'll see diminishing returns. You'll want a bit higher than 220W of actual output if you follow the 50wsf rule so ~325w. That said, typically a 600w is all you'll need for your 2.7'x2.7'x6' tent. Typically I follow these guidelines - 600w LED for a 3'x3' & 1000w LED for 4'x4' (this will provide enough light for the flowering phase).

    Do you have a link to the 1200w LED (250w actual)? That seems very low to me & may be a marketing gimmick/fraudulent claim since I've yet to see a 1200w LED that uses only 250W. My ViparSpectra 1200w LED runs at 524w-545w actual. Please send a link if you can & if you have access to ViparSpectra LEDs I'd suggest one of them since they get pretty good growing results. I hope this helps.
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    Dear RUJU,

    First of all, thank you for the reply. Russia goes shitty as always. In the nearest future Putin will become president for the 10th time or so... Everybody is tired from him but he doesn't care.

    Second of all, I was surprised when you mentioned "ViparSpectra LED" because one of the LEDs that I told you about in the previous post (600W) is "ViparSpectra LED 600W"! Unfortunately, its true wattage is only 269W, which is not enough for me because you said that I need 325W. If we look at "ViparSpectra LED 900W", its true wattage is 418W, which is bigger then what I need. What should I do? Purchase "ViparSpectra LED 600W"?

    Here is link for the second LED that I told you in the last post (1200W). You can see its description if you scroll down a little bit:

    Looking forward to hear from you!
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    Hey ShowOFF,
    I’m sorry to hear that, but it’s what’s to be expected from the dictator with the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear warheads (no one should have 1000s of nukes, including the US). It’s a less than ideal situation, but the world is batshit crazy everywhere. Hopefully change comes your way as well as to the rest of the world soon.

    The light choice is totally up to you & your budget. Your tent should allow you to fit 2 full grown plants after you top/FIM/LST/etc. A 600w ViparSpectra would work fine, but you’ll be able to pull more yield with a 900w (if you have the budget). Just be careful in the seedling phase & first week of veg not to put the light too close to the plant. Start at a 24” height with your light then move it in closer til only 8”-12” away from plants. Check back hourly to make sure your plants are comfortable. If it’s too hot for your hand then it’s too hot for your plants. Even though the LED doesn’t give off much heat it’ll hurt the sensitive seedlings.

    Anyways, hope this helps & let me know if you have any other questions. Happy growing!

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