Need Expert Help 1 week into flowering blue dream 6ft!!

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by 1Onelove, May 12, 2010.

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    I left myself hung on the fact that i didnt need to top my last batch 6 mos ago and started a new grow 5 weeks ago. 3 blue dream 1 sour grape. all going good like usual but the blue dream have not stopped stretching.. they are reaching my ceiling and i have no ideas or methods of what to do ,and so i dont totally decrease my nuggies or make stress to the plants. i currently tied one of them to the side of my tent but it just stretched towards the light during the night so my top stem looks like a "s" shapped.. still didnt help. right now i only have a 14 inch till the top, they are already 6ft eye to eye with me and still growing, also i know that since i just strated flowering it will be growing even more and need some advice on what to do.can post pics if needed once the lights turn on. SOMEONE with some good advice please help!!!!!! using canna soil and nutes. 5 gallon.
  2. 1Onelove

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    anybody out there with any advice

    .anybody out there with any advice
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    If you have ANY potential way of moving all plants to the outside and running your bulb vertical in the center you might be set. Depends on how powerful the bulb and how big the tent. You say they're eye to eye so I'd assume the tent is fairly large.
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    You do realize they are likely to stretch at least double the size they were when you switched, right? Since you are in flower, your choices are more limited.

    Here's a couple choices from best choice to worst:
    Find a taller tent or closet.
    Revert back to growth stage and top that lady. Extreme, but doable. Heals in a couple of weeks, after which you can revert back to flower. During this process you can take clones.
    Provide more side lighting than overhead lighting.
    Top her now, and hope for the best.
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    its a 4x4x7 tent. i have a 400hps tube. THe 4 plants pretty much consumed the plants. i tied two tallest plants to the side to prevent from getting close to the light. i topped 2 of them and it still didnt seem to stop, seems like its still stretching a little bit. worse gets to worse should i cut em down a bit or how stressed would that make the plants? Oh ya my ceiling is about only about a 1inch taller then my closet. Putting the light vertical, i would have to de assemble the light and see if i can hang the bulb in the middle, im not even sure if i can even disassemble the light. What about since i have 4 plants i cross all of them to the opossite corner creating a "X" formation so its like the plants one over the other(growing sideways)..or putting the plants in the 4 corners and tying them down towards the center to give more height????
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    goto local hydro store & pick up (forgive me not 100% sure on the name) 'The Beast 666' it stunts growth(height) only. it worked for me. Make sure you read directions.
  7. TheChameleon

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    I would bend them all at 90° and tie them the tops will grow strait up to the light...
  8. Rusty Trichome

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    So what happened? Which course did you end up taking?
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    help for some tall plants

    I used to have the same problem when i first started growing. A possible solution for your situation is the product called BUSHMASTER. It is by humboldt nutrients, and is designed to make plants grow more bushy, rather than taller. It is to be used at the onset of flowering, but can be used up to two weeks in. It will pretty much stop the verticle growth of a plant. It can also greatly improve your yields as well. BUT BE WARNED, USE WITH CAUTION!!! DO NOT OVER USE!!!! always follow the manufacturers directions. Use less if you want, but never use more! Over use of bushmaster can retard your growth, and really hurt your yields. Also, each strain will respond differently, so some trial and error is usually in order. GOOD LUCK, TREE OF LIFE
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    i didnt think the plants would take to me bending them like crazy. theres dental floss everywhere tying the tops down, i have 1 sativa and its not a issue on height so the other 3 monster blue dream got to about 6 .5 ft tall and put them at about right under 6 by bending them all the way across my tent. so its real bushy cause two of the plants are bending towards the entrance and the other 1 the other way so it seems that lower branch under the cola is acting at the main cola cause those are way bigger then the colas. i will post some pics in a day

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