need heavy yeilding strain

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by middieman440, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    hey guys what strain would you guys suggest to grow outdoors that buds heavily...

    i only want to grow a few plants next season so i want a strain that yeilds heavy....

    any suggestions from personal experiance..

    i preffer indica or a indica/sativa mix,mostly indica not a big fan of pure sativas unless it finishes before the middle of october..

    and also i order from attitude,
  2. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    no-body knows ha
  3. BlewBerry

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    N.L. is a heavy yielding strain with a great high and taste. Big Bud is also a very good yielding strain. I am sure there are plenty more but from personal experiance, you cant go wrong with either of those two genetics.
  4. headshake

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    it tells you the yield to expect for each specific strain on attitude.

    also, you'd more than likely get bigger yields with a sativa, or sativa dom strain.

  5. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    I wouldn't say "more than likely", however I have no experience with outdoor grows.

    If you want a good outdoor strain try this:

    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese Feminized

    You can never go wrong with a Cheese


    p.s. - If not that one, try this:

    Arjans Haze # 1
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  6. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    i know it says the description of the yeild but i have herd that its not all true.and i am growing the blue cheese from barneys they arent all that big,they started out under cfl's and grew very slow ended up with 3 females hopefully they finish by the end of september ..
  7. Italiano715

    Italiano715 Registered+

    Sour D, OG Kush, Elephant Bud (never seen a grow, but heard you can get 1100g sq/m).....Umm there are many of them. OG Kush, OG #18.....I can go on for days :D

    You gotta remember though that it's also many factors such as your growing medium, nutrients, lighting, how much light, temps, humidity, veg time, etc. Again I can go on for days. What they say is just an estimate at what you can get with OPTIMAL conditions.
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  8. SauceeMcGee

    SauceeMcGee Registered+

    Keep this in mind when you buy any seeds. You can make a plant that buds really light produce more than a plant that buds really heavy if you alter the natural conditions.
  9. Italiano715

    Italiano715 Registered+

    Yeah, I agree with that. That is why I said with optimal conditions.

    You also gotta remember that you would want something stable that is also well known. If it's popular, then it's for a reason correct? How many people get seeds based on a cool name like, "SuperDankFruityTootie" then when you ask what are the genetics behind it, they tell you they don't know. I base it on popularity with the people along with the uses for my anxiety and sleeplessness.

    To middieman440

    I just threw out a couple of my personal favorites. ;) Also VapedG13 has a sour diesel grow and had well of 4 oz off it if I'm not mistaken....You should check it out...

    Vapedg13 clones direct grow...Purple & Pre98 Buba Kush, Grand Dad Purple & Sour D
  10. killajilla

    killajilla Registered

    Well I would recommend good old Skunk 1. I have never had a problem with it for the past 5 years. An it yields nicely if grown properly. First year pulled well over a lb. off of just one of them. An its one of the easiest to maintain. But italiano has a good idea with the sour d. only grew it once but it was very nice.:Rasta:
  11. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    yeah guys im growing outdoors,in organic soil,"years of mulch,trees,grass,and etc...the stuff grows good plants......but outdoors nothing is ever growing a skunk 1 from g13 freebie but isnt really growing..its still 5 inches tall haha...the only good ones i have going are a haze strain that has been crossed with indica strains unknown for about 8 yrs....and the person i got the seeds from said i wont be dissapointed so we will see...

    im looking into the kush strains since they are popular..

    but what do they mean when they say the plants grow small,medium,tall

    i mean alot of plants i grown always grow about 6 feet tall....

    and if i grow an indoor strain outdoors will it grow poorly or know

    alot of pictures i see the plants are just one main branch

    i want lots of branches filled with buds...

    so far for strains i picked to buy are

    northern lights,nirvana skunk <"finishes in august.

    has anyone ever grown the ruderlais indica skunk and is it any good
  12. Stoner38024

    Stoner38024 Registered+

    i read that a auto-flower strain can yield 25g indoors-100g outdoors.

    60 days from seedling to harvest, doesnt need 12/12 light.
  13. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    i have an auto going now from lowlife its ak47/blueberry this thing been growing since march indoors then moved outdoors in april and is growing very slow heres a few pic's..i think i might get a little less than an ounce the buds are still very small but coated with crystals.....there are six main branches filled with buds

    3rd pic is before i pulled the branches down and snapped one but its still alive and actually is the best branch on the plant..

    pic of the bud shot is one of the 3 i started inside other one was a male..

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  14. middieman440

    middieman440 Registered+

    and last time i had checked the plant it seems as if its going back into vegging im unsure though..
  15. killajilla

    killajilla Registered

    If you have some still in veg that arent growing to fast. Id recommend getting some superthrive. An do that a few times it really jumped my bettys up a few feet in a week. I have a skunk #1 about 6'2" an hasnt even started budding yet... Superthrive works miracles... An if your plants are outdoor then once they're in budding they should be good. Shouldnt start vegging again could be the budding growth spert...

    KEEP ON KEEPIN ON...:Rasta:
  16. FrostAie

    FrostAie Registered+

    this person said it perfectly both of these are growing great for me outdoors with not much natural rain both are bushy northern lights finishes about 3rd week of september and big bud first week of october I may cross them :)
  17. cptcannabis

    cptcannabis Registered+

    Big Bud & Ice have performed well for me, but I haven't grown them outdoors.

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