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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by beani1, Dec 9, 2018.

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    Not that simple. They are autos.
    You have to start them in a big enough pot to begin with because autos should not be transplanted. At least that's the conventional advice.
    You can grow Cannabis in compost if you mix in plenty of limestone.
    Compost has a low PH and will lock out Phosphorus. That's what the red stems signify.

    I'm wondering about that "no up-potting" thing.
    Could be a myth.

    Has anyone here done it, or grown autos in hydro?

    I'd like to be able to to do a side by side hydro grow with a non auto and take a time lapse video of root development.

    Might do that at some future time. Right now, my dance card is full;
    Medical kine.JPG
    A friend gifted me some Charlotte's web and Harlequin seeds.
    I'll be a few months sorting them out.

    So, any volunteers for the auto-flower investigation?
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  2. beani1

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    Finished and cropped. Not too bad in the end.

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    Yes you can grow Autos in Hydro. As far as up-potting goes, you can cut the bottom out of your solo cup & put that right into your final pot right at the beginning of your grow. That way you're only watering the solo cup at 1st till roots reach the bottom of the cup & spread out. Usually only takes about 2 weeks for that to happen. I use empty toilet paper rolls in the center of 2 gallon pots & it works great. It all has to do with not disturbing the roots due to how fast they grow.
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    What was your yield (dry Weight) ? Looks like less then an oz. in pic. I guess considering the problems you had along the way it's not too bad for sure. I would be disappointed if I didn't pull at least 4 oz. per plant with my set up. 4 oz. should be easy if done right. I see the pro's pulling 13 oz. dry weight from a single plant. I'd sure love to do that !!!
  5. beani1

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    Not dried yet.
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    Love it when I find out I was right
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    Amount of product and plant size correlate more than '12 oz out of a plant' Grow big to get big harvest, but is your grow site up to it?
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    Only a small grow space, so cant have big plants.

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