Need help diagnosing: LED burn? Nutrient burn? Mold?

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    Hey guys! Brand new here and i got a problem thats driven me here, and its been bothering me for awhile. First my set up:

    Set up: If it works ill upload some pictures to give you an idea, but i built a grow room in the once 'breakfast room' of my studio apartment! I put up and auxiliary, reflective foam wall, a beam, and a door. Inside (just recently) I've built a two-level wooden structure on wheels to open up the possibility of cycling crops, flower on bottom, veg on top. I have 20 cuttings from the current cycle in their flowering stage as i wanted to try out monster cropping, what ever, if anything, survives is whats going on top but thats besides the point. I have 3 P600 Platinum LEDs (600 watts LED = 800w HPS) about 7-8 inches away from them running veg + bloom settings on. The plants are in 2 or 3 gallon pots, I'm not sure which but they're also all trellised out about 3 ft tall, so i can't take em out to look. I don't know what the strain is, i think its two different, I did get it from a dispensary but just forgot because where I'm from weed didn't have strains in this way and I'm just getting use to this.

    Nutrient: Had been using a recommended blend of Botincare and various other, probably irresponsibly balanced in nutrients until about 3 weeks ago when i flushed for 2 week then begin using a combination of earth juice products- Cat, Micro, Grow, Bloom, Hi-Brix and then Hygrozyme. I've only watered with that mix 1 time (last time) and i mixed it according to the bottle, shooting for their 'medium' and 'strong' suggestions.

    Problem: Please look at the attached photos for the best description, i picked various leaves with a various problems I've been seeing, or perhaps different expressions of the same one. These were the more extreme examples i could find from the 12 plants, mostly from the back row closest to the standing A/C unit. To give a written description, certain nugs have been growing white miniature leaves- like the baby ones at the base of the nug, as they start to grow out the tips get white and curl down and the tops of the nugs can get a little white too, but not as much. Some of the leaves a bit lower on are super purple, and sometimes pretty unattractive shades of it, as if it were more indicative of a problem then a strain. Other leaves lover down are yellowing and getting some of these slightly mutated looking shaded, sometime even almost moldy looking, but not quiet, just slightly odd texture?

    Things to note: 1. They've been through a lot. I have had fungus gnats pretty badly for a portion of the veg, short issue with spider mights, powdery mildew dues to power shortage, and even had the lights fall on half of them. 2. I was giving them a pretty uneducated mix a nutrients for most of their life (not completely destructive, just not perfect) and was probably overdoing it water with nutrients every water for the most part, until an odd smell came over the grow room, kind of oceany or mildewy, so i flushed the soil with nothing but hygroyzme for 2 weeks and switched to earth juice.

    Thats about all i can think of, attached is a photo of the leaves, each is numbered to you can easily comment on specific ones! below I'm gonna try to post with some more photos of the buds :)

    Much love and thanks in advance!


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    You are correct, the light is too strong.
    As with nutes and water, "More Than Enough, Is Too Much".

    From the looks of your leaves, you are loving them to death.
    Cannabis is a weed. It is easy to over-coddle. Let them dry out a little between waterings.
    And cut way back on the nutes. Way back.

    I got curious about "feeding". (That is in quotes because we are not actually feeding them.)
    Most of a plants bulk is Carbon. They do not get it from the soil, they get it from the CO2 in the air.
    Fertilizers can supply missing trace element, but with good soil, (Foxfarm Ocean Forest), deficiencies are extremely rare, and the N P K should last the life of the grow if the containers are properly sized.

    So, I did some experimentation.
    Took some cuttings. Set up side by side tests.
    One side got the recommended dose of ferts. The other got only water.
    The result surprised and pleased me.

    With the FFOF soil, the water-only girls looked and grew as well, and sometimes better than, the nuted girls.
    I now use no nutes in veg. When I up pot for flowering I wait two weeks for good root growth, then feed them one time with Captain Jack's bloom nutes.
    Then a 50:50 mix of tap water and rainwater. (Adjusts the PH without using chemicals)

    Also, most folk overdo the LED power. I found that I had to raise my LEDs when I realized how efficient the spectral targeting is.
    Caught this light bleach before it got too bad

    Did some more side by side testing, to find the minimum power needed for a good grow.

    I now keep a 52 Watt, 2 color, array about 6 inches above the crown and have excellent results growing 2, 3' plants, per light in the veg room.
    Used to use 150Watts for flowering. But when I got my grow license, I built a greenhouse to flower in sunlight. It's free, and we pay 4X what mainland folks do for electric.
    led sun led G13.JPG
    Even in a larger container, the sun grown's, (center), only advantage is fatter popcorn buds due to the inverse square law.

    In the last pictures I had reflectix covering the soil to thwart Fungus Gnats, root aphids and thrips.
    The soil did not breathe well with that so I switched to sand.
    That was a pain when transplanting. :(

    Then I found Kirkland, unscented, dryer sheets. A very fine mesh that breathes well.
    And, they actually repel pests that hunt by scent, like fungus gnats.

    I lay them on the soil surface, lift them to water, and change them about once a month. Have not had any soil dwelling wee beasties for 6 years now. :)

    My main problem here in the tropics is powdery mildew.
    Been spraying with Citric acid which helps, and leaves no nasty taste like Neem oil does.
    Has to be re-sprayed every week or so though. :(

    Anyone have a better method?
    No be shy, I can use all the help I can get.

    Wee 'zard
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    Hey Wee 'zard, appreciate the in depth response. I got the lights raised way up, bout 14-16 inches off the canopy now. And i think you're right, just loving them to death. I had some mildewy smell from overwatering too, i gotta cut back on everythingggg, but thats easy to do right? all i gotta do is nothing! Good to know on the dryer sheets ill check em out maybe order some right now. Happy growing boss ill try and update how things end up!
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