Need help. filtering passive intake ideas.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Random88, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Random88

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    Hey guys this is my first post.

    I have a exhaust fan on a carbon filter creating negative pressure in my grow tent.

    But as flowering is coming up soon I need some ideas to help me with 2 problems.

    My problem is I want something to light proof a passive air intake but also filter the air from mould spores and pests etc. Without damaging my airflow.

    D.I.Y ideas or links to a product all welcome.
  2. tlranger

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    Have seen the negative pressure totally collapse a tent, really hard on the plastic corners of so equipped. The more filtering you have the bigger the intake hole. Many use a fan and ducting to keep light at bay.
  3. Random88

    Random88 Registered+

    Its negative pressure not by very much. The exhaust fan is a budget thing that's why I need something that won't restrict airflow too much. And im running negative pressure so there's no odour leaks as its all going through my filter then.
  4. tlranger

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    If your not running much air, watch your temp., got a min-max temp gauge?
  5. Random88

    Random88 Registered+

    Temp is fine running at 28 dc day time only got a 125 blue CFL for veg and with a small tent fan clipped inside making my plants sway and keeping the temp down as its 4 inch from my seedlings. 300 red CFL for flower. Got it all covered except for the passive intake. I thought I had accounted for everything. Obviously not.

    Its not a big grow. Growing 3 indoors planning to scrog 2 and get one a little bigger for an outside grow.
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  6. Gone Camping

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    What did you end up with?

    Just received a 120mm fan for my exhaust and am looking for a passive filter as you were. I see the Bay has cheap 120mm filters, and even a triple sized one. IIRC the suggestions are at least 1.5 the intake size vs exhaust if passive.
  7. Random88

    Random88 Registered+

    I couldn't find much that wouldn't restrict airflow so I used an idea some one told me about. My main issue was having light leaks in my tent during flower.

    I got some of the flexi foil ducting put it through my passive intake and along it I just kept putting 180 bends in it. There's only so much a light source can reflect.
  8. Random88

    Random88 Registered+

    Also I did find something. Brand name SHROOM. its a horti control dust filter. Supposedly can stop mould to dust and the likes. But I cant pass judgement as it was a little too expensive for my budget grow.

    Just type Shroom filter in eBay search bar and they come up.
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