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    What is your experience level? (first timer)

    How old are your plants? about 55 days
    What strain are you growing? (Indica dominate or Sativa dom?)Sativa. Except for auto widow
    From seeds or clones? seeds
    Is this an autoflower strain? one is
    Are you seeing leaf damage and if so, is it at the bottom, middle or top of the plant? At bottom, except for auto widow which is everywhere.
    How is the color of the plant? most are green, auto widow is getting paler and yellower

    Your Equipment:
    Type and wattage of lights. (MH, HPS, CFL's, tube fluorescents, LED's) Led 600 watt
    Distance from tops? recommended by manufacturer 25 inches
    Reflector type? (cool tube set-up, bat wing, enclosed reflector, bare bulb...)
    What are the bulb wattages, kelvin ratings, and schedule? 600 watt, 12/12
    Is there a consistent fresh air supply? the tent has openings
    Do you have an exhaust fan and a circulation fan? yes, both.

    Growing Medium and Water:
    If in a container grow, what medium are you using? Yes. soil.
    What size is your container? 7 gal
    When was your last transplant and from what size container? I started the sprouts in this container
    How often do you water? when pots are light. for a bit it was every two days but lately it's once a week.
    How much water do you give your plants? until it's saturated and there's runoff
    Source of water. (tap or filtered) What's it's ph? used tap water without chlorine or chloramine. but past two waterings using ro water

    Your nutrients:

    Specific brand and N-P-K ratio for each bottle. List dosages (quantity per gallon) and current feeding schedule.
    Shultz 8-14-9, 17 drops per liter
    What is your nutrient schedule? Every time since flowering started

    Your growroom:
    What size of closet, room, tent or hut? tent 4x4
    What are the temps and humidity levels while lights are on? ...With lights off? 78-80deg/68deg
    Have you seen signs of insects in the growroom? Yes. Fungus gnats, I think

    So I have six plants five are photoperiod and are all exhibiting the same symptoms: tips browning and dying, also rusty brown spots on leaves, lower and interior leaves dying off (just a few), yellowing leaves.

    One is an auto widow. This one suddenly had leaves turn yellow all up and down the plant. About a 10 percent of the leaves were affected. All the other leaves are curling downward and in with talon like tips. they are necrotic and yellow.

    I had a problem with gnats. I used peroxide solution on auto because it was infested, also yellow traps and diatomaceous earth. I though they were gone but then two days ago the traps were extra full ( i put one in the base of the auto and I can see gnats walking around on soil. Today I added more peroxide solution. I filled a 1.73L container with 2/3 RO water and 1/3 3% peroxide. I also covered it in DE and added a new trap. Not sure if all problems caused by gnats or if I have more than one issue here.

    Please help. I'm really sad. My widow looks really really sick. pics being uploaded now
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    These are the auto

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    these are two of my other plants.

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    so hard to tell what might be happening without pictures, but it sounds to me like you are doing 2 things wrong. First you are using african violet fertilizer, and I think as a result you are not feeding your plants correctly in the first place. Since you gave no mention of pH, I suspect that this is not adjusted correctly, and your plants are unable to take advantage of the nutrients that you are giving. White Widow is a notoriously hungry girl, and I suspect that you simply are not providing what she needs, and that would explain the dramatic yellowing all over... she is starving. The brown tips and dead spots on the leaves is probably from a magnesium deficiency, and again it could be pH related rather than needing to add anything extra, but our plants need a lot of magnesium, and it would not be surprising if you are needing to add some calmag to your regular nutrient program.
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    Did you see the pics? Does it help any?
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    yes, confirmed my suspicions. I stand by my diagnosis
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    ok. thanks, emilya.
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