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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by FilthElement, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. FilthElement

    FilthElement Registered+

    This may sound stupid but I have looked on the forum an net but can't seem to find How to setup a carbon filter with my light system.

    I have:
    1 Light in a Coolshade

    1 Extractor fan pulling through coolshade and out the Tent

    1 Carbon filter (Rhino) unused waiting.

    What i can't figure out is where do I put my carbon filter. Do i run ducting from carbon filter to coolshade to fan and out?! What i don't get is will little bits of carbon be thrown past my light wich is fixed in the coolshade. Will it damage the bulb?!

    i dont get it an need help! Please Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only Hope!!!!!:eek:

    I'll get some picks up soon!:trooper:
  2. ditdotter

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    This is the way I do it. On the end of the light fixture opposite of the light attach your ducting hose. Run the hose outside of your grow area and into your fan so that when the fan is started it draws air from insind the grow room. Connect the carbon filter to the exhaust end of the fan.
    Any air that was in the grow area is now being sucked out through the light which will cool the light and any odors will be elimanated when that air is forced through the filter. Simple as pie.
  3. headshake

    headshake Registered+

    you should pull air through your filter and not push it.

  4. FilthElement

    FilthElement Registered+

    Thats what I heard so is it safe to have the carbon filter before the light?!
  5. FilthElement

    FilthElement Registered+

    Do the carbon pieces get pulled through the extractor fan and everything or do you need to place some sort of filter to stop this?
  6. ditdotter

    ditdotter Registered+

    The carbon filter works both ways. You can push air through it or you can pull air through it. I have never seen instructions that come with filters saying otherwise. I just think it's much more convinient to have the filter and vortex fan outside of the grow room. Like I said in my first post this is how I do it and it works well in the way I designed my grow areas.
  7. MerryPrankstr

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    Although the actual filters themselves work equally well either drawing air though them or forcing air through them there is a practical difference in the latter, particularly if the filter and fan are outside the grow area. If there any air leaks in the section between the fan and filter in a "fan push through filter" system dank smells will leak out, nullifying all the work and expense. If you have any leaks in as "fan intakes through filter" system you might have slightly less effeciency due to the leak, but absolutely no odor leaks.

    My :twocents:,
  8. disrupt86

    disrupt86 Registered+

    u can set it up different ways, u can suck through the filter,then have the air pass through the lampm and have a single exhaust hose exiting the room,personally if u only have one or 2 lamps,i would have the fan sucking the air through the light then on the other side have regular ducting with your filter hooked up to that and then hung from the wall.u can do it several ways,i personally think sucking is much more affective.but i run my lights on there own fan and have a seperate exhaust "wich is also an option ....any who from my understanding,u should only be pulling air through a filter .and i think can filter brand is the only company that makes a filter that is exhaust makes sense to me.i have several vapor and water charcol filters at work that i fill.activated carbon needs to be seated correctly in order to have the air molecules pass around packed carbon so the odor can be caught.if u have loose seated carbon the air passes through with out catching the odor.when companies roll the aluminum cylinder ,its designed to have the carbon packed straight down and pressed,exhaust only filters are packed,then spun.with a metal pre screen"kinda like u would see if u removed the cloth pre filter.i could be wrong. shit if any one has an old filter and a saw zaw cut one down the center,it could be helpful if this ever come up again
  9. killerweed420

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    The only bad thing with sucking air through the air cooled hood is it gets your bulbs dirty faster. I prefer to draw clea air from outside the room to cool the lamp. And if there's room I prefer to sit my carbon scrubber in the same room as growing in and just allow it to keep recycling the air in the room itself.
  10. disrupt86

    disrupt86 Registered+

    verry true,dust build up is a major lumen killer,even though you recirculate your air in your room do u just have a regular exhaust> or do u run a sealed room?
  11. FilthElement

    FilthElement Registered+

    Okay cool. I think I am going to go with pulling the air through my Filter.

    So this is some pics of my setup you can see that the Fan is out side the cupboard pulling the air outta my tent. At the moment it is pulling that air through the coolshade light cover. So obviously I will have to clean the bulb more often than I did before.

    Theres also some pics of the Filter I have got. Its a BIG mother so I wanna just sit it in the corner of the tent as high as possible. Theres also a pic of some white filterey clothey thingey and the plastic strapping and connectors for 'em that I have no idea how to work!

    The final pic is a quick sketch of what it should look like. So my question is will the fan pull through little carbon particles and scratch not only my light but my fan too!!!??:jawdropper:

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  12. disrupt86

    disrupt86 Registered+

    no it should not pull any carbon through the light. heat rises,try to keep that filter higher than ground level.:thumbsup:
  13. FilthElement

    FilthElement Registered+

    Cheers Matey! I am goin to try and get it high all I can think of is make a big pedalstool! :stoned:
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