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    Hey everyone i'm growing some Jack Herer and some Real McCoy and the smell is getting very bad. I live in an apartment so this is not good. It's getting cold here in Michigan and I have been keeping my bedroom window cracked to take away a bit of the smell (grow is in a walk in closet in my bedroom). I have a tent that is arriving here tomorrow, and I have an inline fan, but no carbon filter. I would make one/buy one but i've ran into some recent problems with my car and cant spend any extra money at all on the grow (i've spent 400 or so in the last few weeks so the g/f isn't happy, not to mention the car now).

    Does anyone out there have a suggestion other than making a carbon scrubber or spending lets say more than 20 bucks. Plants are nice and healthy and I don't want to have to terminate the grow due to the problem. Right now you can't smell it outside of my bedroom, but if its gets outside that will be a MAJOR problem. Hopefully you guys can help me. Thanks
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    I know this isnt the help you wanted but this is why its a bad idea to grow in an apartment. If you run low on funds and cant take care of the problem youre kinda screwed. Know what I mean. For $20 all you can do is mask the smell. Put laundry sheets on air ducting/fans, replace daily. The citrus odor absorbers at home depot are cheap and help! good luck!
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    Hey TrickDaddy: I hear ozone generators are the thing for you. There is an article in the Best of High Times 2006 issue called the Perilous smell of success. Maybe you can read it online.

    If someone is home alot, maybe you could spray air with Ozium. It is an aerosol product usually found in the auto section. It really masks smells. That is the only other CHEAP solution I can think of. Hope it helps. I use it to get smoke smells out of car etc. I like it.

    Be careful of the cold winter breezes in that window!

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    I've grown a lot of pot in my appartment no problems but:
    A carbonscrubber is by all means the shit so if not now get one for later, there is nothing as effective. I exhaust 280cubic metres from my flower room in my walk in closet and even with five 5 foot plants in full bloom in the grow tent I can't even smell a hint of it even when I put my nose directly in the exhausted air. If I stop the inline fan it takes 1h before my appartment smells like mad.

    And I just have to ask. What did you expect when you started to grow? You seriously must have known it was gonna stink up the place if you didn't control it.

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    I bought just what you need its a $1-200 investment but worth every $$$ filter last 2-3 years....AERO SPACE TECH

    They sell smaller systems all depends on your grow areas size as to what size filter and fan you need

    6 X 18 CARBON AIR FILTER scrubber grow 600 400 light w - eBay (item 150263569462 end time Nov-22-
    08 09:34:38 PST)

    You will need a fan set up/ filtration system cost me $500
    I grow skunk alot of it;);) smell leaves the grow area:thumbsup: and what does exit out of the filter/fan/exhaust has no smell of weed
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    Thanks for all the help and ideas guys. I might try making a carbon scrubber myself, hopefully I can pull it off. I did not anticipate the smell leaving my walk in closet, but I was wrong.
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    i hear that coffee is really good for masking the smell. i saw it on tv tho so im not sure how affective it really is. itll hide it and ur room will smell like coffee instead of pot. im thinking just buy a bunch of bags of beans or sumethin. anyways hope that helps.
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    Thanks i'm looking at a few quick fix ways for right now and that sounds good! I'm going to try and build a carbon scrubber when I have the time and money. I just switched my plants to flowering today check em out in my log if you'd like!
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    Homeade ozone generator plans found online

    Ozone Generator Plans
    I put this together many years ago when I was trying to make a large high voltage capacitor. I noticed that I could smell ozone when it was running. Later I adapted it to combat odors from smelly gardens. In 1997 I published it on usenet and later the plans appeared on some websites. Over the years many people have adapted it and made various changes and improvements. Feel free to tinker with it in any way you like.
    This is a very simple set up that anyone can put together shortly after getting the parts. It works as well as the expensive units costing $500 or more but it costs only about $25. A good source for the transformer is a shop that repairs or installs neon signs. You can usually pick up a used one for next to nothing.
    First you need a neon sign or similar transformer at about 6000v., small glass jar and a larger jar that will hold the smaller one. The larger jar can be glass or plastic, the smaller one should be glass. You need a small amount of aluminum foil and a few short pieces of wire. The transformer can be as small as 3000v. You can use up to 15000v. Put a piece of aluminum foil inside the small jar at the bottom. Cover the outside bottom of the small jar with foil so that it covers the same area as the foil inside. Make sure the inner and outer foil layers do not touch or come too close. Put the smaller jar inside the larger one. Connect one high voltage lead to the foil inside and the other to the foil outside. A paper clip will work for the connector. The larger jar just insulates the whole thing. Put the whole set up on a piece of wood or some kind of insulator. Do not to cross the wires. The bare part of the wire must touch the foil.
    Turn it on, you'll hear a crackling noise and if its dark you'll see a blue or greenish blue glow. If there's a short you may see an arc, just turn it off and separate the conductors so that they don't short out. A short will have more of a red or orange glow. The ozone will come out the top so don't plug it up. Ozone is a very powerful deodorizer it also tends to kill mold and bacteria but will not harm your plants in small amounts. Try not to breath a lot of it. Its not supposed to be dangerous in small amounts but is an irritant. Run it at the beginning of the dark period with a timer. Two hours per day is enough but that will depend on your odor problem.
    Growquest put together one of these and here are a couple photos of it. He used a variation of the glass jar technique and used a piece of glass with wire mesh on both sides. He used hot glue to put it together and set the slab of glass upright on a piece of wood. The wood provides insulation. In the image on the left you see the alligator clips he used to connect the high voltage with. The other side of the glass sheet has another piece of mesh just like this one. In the
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    Be sure and have a fire extinguisher handy in grow room at ALL times, especially when attaching electrical wires to tin foil with paperclips. :) I can't even stand to leave the christmas lights on when i'm not home..too nervous me. JohnWaynebud you got some big ones!
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    proper filter to stop smell

    i have 5 stalks and they stink.
    this is what i have

    6 inch inline fan
    6 inch duct out of tent
    into a round filter
    all is inside a homebox

    plus i have open a whole jar of clear jelly looking stuff that neutralizes
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    you guys need a carbon scrubber. 20 bucks is about right, mine cost 25-30 considering the expensive duct tape i had to use. lol jokin

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