need help with stem brownies

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by ghettoBlunt, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. ghettoBlunt

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    ok, so i've got about a half ounce of stems saved up from the last couple months. i've made brownies before with stems, but it was with a friend and he handled most of the details. i'm just wondering if that will be enough for some potent brownies...i know they wont be killer, but im just wondering if anyone could give me some more insight...thanks:stoned:

    oh yeah and im smokin an 8th blunt after i eat those word
  2. led.zeppelin

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    sounds wicked, im pretty sure theres a thread round here about making cannabutter, or maybe that was grasscity?
  3. ghettoBlunt

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    well how we did it last time was: we had the brownie mix (in a box) and somewhere around a half o of stems. we ground up the stems in a coffee grinder, simmered the stem kif (i guess thats the word for it) in oil..not sure what kind, but then added the oil to the brownie mix...cooked and ate...felt great! but if anyone has a better idea let me know....peace
  4. Storm Crow

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    I'm an old hippie and here's what we did. We would pulse the stems in a blender and then sift the results. You'd get most of the bark off the stems and leave most of the woody part in the sifter. The bark has any trichs that may have rubbed off of the buds - the inner white core is just wood. Another thing you can do with stems is to cover them in cheap vodka- you'll need a weight to hold them down. Let it sit for a week or so and then pour the vodka on your pot and let it evaporate. We used those cookie sheets with the low sides. If you have a LOT of stems, you can evaporate the vodka and be left with some nice oil. THC can be disolved in either oils or alcohol. THC Does not disolve in water, so forget making tea! If I was making brownies with stems, I think I'd go with making oil like ghetto suggested. I use a vaporizer now and I have my vape and eat it, too. The leftover "duff" is still good for cooking! Yes, I get high off the weed and then I bake with it and get high a second time! Add to this, that the pot doesn't have that tell-tale smell when you vape, it's WAY easier on your lungs (no morning cough) AND you use about HALF of what you'd need in a joint! Kids- GET A VAPORIZER! The little box types (Vapor Brother's etc) are a good buy.

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