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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Gm298, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Gm298

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    I have a piss test coming up. I was a heavy chonic but havnt smoked going on 5 weeks. I'm 6' 250 about 27%bmi. Ne advice on wat to do or shuld I be clean by then. I took a utest Frm the head shop and got a solid control line and like a ghost thc line that was about a week ago. Thanks
  2. Deige

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    When you took your home test, did you use the first void of the day? If not, you need to pick up another one and test yourself again. If you can pass, then you'll have no problem passing your scheduled lab test.
  3. wowzers1

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    a line even if it is a ghost line is a line and that means that you tested negative on that test. Did you test with the first pee of the day? If you can pass with the first piss of the day you are golden... no pun intended :cool:
  4. Gm298

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    Wasn't first piss of the day but clearly not givin first piss on testday ne ways
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  5. zodiac66

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    Well the reason there driving that point home is because the first pee of the morning is the most concentrated therefore what better (more accurate) way to take the best advantage of your home test.
  6. Gm298

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    Well clearly lol

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