Need quality weed in negril, jamaica

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    I am going to Negril, Jamaica in December. Can anyone give me good adice on finding quality week once I get there. (Where to go, Who to talk to, How much to spend, Any issues with the police or road blocks) Any help would be appreciated.

    Kevin :Rasta: :Rasta: :Rasta:
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  3. 3 Sheets To The Wind

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    Looks very nice

    "It is illegal to grow, distribute, possess and smoke marijuana in Jamaica. The law and reality are vastly different on this one. I had made my first ganja purchase within five minutes of clearing Jamaican immigration. Ganja is openly smoked by the locals. I watched as people smoked spliffs while they worked, walked and drove. I even saw one young man puffing a roach as he peddled his bike down the road.

    I smoke ganja fairly infrequently at home, and my lack of tolerance and the strong Jamaican 'erb quickly go to my head on the first day. My wife suggests we find our driver and go to town to buy some groceries. I can barely add 2+2 after my first spliff in Negril much less figure out an exchange rate of $1.00US to $62.50J. I am fairly confident my driver received a very big tip that night."
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    Yeah dude I GO to Negril often i got some hook ups if you need man...I can also hook you up with a driver if needed to lemme know!! email me....... ocram (at) pot (dot) com
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    I know TONS of ppl who've gone to jamaica (my day will come) and they all say the same thing: you don't need to look for weed. the weed will find you.

    Rasta dudes walk the beaches selling ganja all day and night. They like, yell it out. One of my friends went as recently as 5 months ago, and she spent like, $10 US on 5 grams or so, maybe more.

    They have beach patrol police. Don;t let them catch you buying or smoking, but if they do, just give them some American money and they'll turn a blind eye no problem.

    Weed grows like weeds in jamaica. It grows wild on the side of the one highay they have. Everyone sells ganja there. Weed is the LAST of your worries. You'll have so much damn chronic left over by the time you leave. trust me! (or rather, trust my friends!)
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    This is true however the crap you get on the beach is shitty tourist beach weed when i go I get it direct from growers and its far cheaper than on the beach...There is alot of hustler's around just dont ignore them just be cool and say NO THANKS there harmless but WILL rip you off Forsure!! here some pic's from my Neril trip this past april.......Enjoy :thumbsup:
  7. just go up to em and say hey mon i be lookin for dat fire ganja dat make me piss my lil panties.
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    ocram, i love the pics
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    Thanks dude!!! :thumbsup: I love Jamaica its Awesome there!! :dance:

    ILIKEGREEN Registered

    Hello, I am new so hello to everyone. I am going to Negril this month and I want to find out where I should go to find the best Jamaican green, I know there is a lot of street hustlers but i want some pure fire. Its my bes t firends wedding and I want to set him up for his bacherllor party please help.
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    Haha, you won't need to look for weed as others have said, my mum went to Negril last year, she got offered weed at the airport, also the bus driver who took them to their resort was smoking a joint, also she was offered by street dealers aswell just be carefull they don't try and rip ya off, and take my word for my mum does NOT look like the type of person that smokes, Hope you have a good time over there.
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    Go to Negril,...15 minutes east, into the mountians, there is a town called Orange Hill. This is where some of the tastiest organic bud on the planet can be found.

    Dont buy airportweed, busweed, taxiweed, beachweed, ...this is all known as touristweed.

    Email me if you want more details on an Orange Hill hook up.

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    yeah, from the moment your feet hit jamaican soil you'll be surrounded by wheelers and dealers. be only small amounts and take your cash from a separate pocket which has only 10 or so bucks...keep the rest in your socks or somewhere safe. i usually wait until i get to the motel and ask the bellhop about scoring as he brings the bags to the room. tip him a few bucks and he'll be your best friend and almost totally safe as his job is keeping tourists happy.

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