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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Sharona21, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Sharona21

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    I've been a smoker for over 30 years. Need to take drug test for new employment. I have 10 days to clean and even cover up from detox. I was planning on using monkey Whizz until I found out a physical is needed also. Then I thought oh I better do it detox and then a cover-up so I don't get busted with monkey Whizz. Can anyone recommend a for-sure 7-Day Detox and I for sure cleansing cover up? I've Been Told that those get discovered from containing a certain chemical? Should I go for the xx instead? Help!
  2. LifeonHighBecca

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    stinger 7 day permanent detox is the best for a quick and permanent cleanse
  3. Vanvooh

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    Well. What happened? Did you pass?

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