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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by blazing101, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. blazing101

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    alright, i got some weed and i dont plan on smoking right now because its soccer season and i cant afford to fuck up, so i was wondering if my weed will go bad if its inside a plastic bad, inside my portable safe which is underneath my bed waiting for me, and it is dry i believe. Will it be able to last till june or july for me? I love weed but i love soccer more and if you do too then you will understand why i dont wanna smoke right now.
  2. stickydankAZ

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    your funny

    WHAT?????? HMMM DAMN > :wtf:WAIT..... WHAT???:wtf:
  3. Glugglug

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    You really sound like you could use a hit right now! That aside ,if you keep it sealed from air and in a dark place it will be fine.
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  4. irishbud

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    Haha thts a good one lmao
  5. blazing101

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    i probably could use a really good hit right now, but unfortunately i got a game tomorrow and cant, and alright good to know

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