Need to fix and seal a plastic bong...

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by clevemire, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. clevemire

    clevemire Registered+

    I apologize in advance, because this question has probably been asked and answered before, but I'm on very limited time right now.

    A big piece of the tube on a plastic bong I have has been broken off. Luckily, it's off the top of the tube, so it's not necesarilly irreparable. If I use a good sealant, I know it will easily be fixed.
    My question is, what kind of sealant would be good to attach and seal the broken piece? I was thinking hot glue, because I have plenty of it, and I've used it to make and seal homemade bongs before.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. crystal clear pepsi

    crystal clear pepsi Registered+

    hot glue should work fine , so i would try that first , just make sure not to get n e of the glue by , near , or touching the pipe part u smoke out of , cause it will melt , and u will proably suck fumes in ur lungs too when u hit it

    hope that helped sum

    also , try taping it with electrical tape to stableize it , then use the glue gun
  3. Kronik Bagz

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    do u mean "plastic" as in plastic or acrylic. if its jus ordinary plastic throw it out. but if u got an acrylic bong it can be easily repaired. if u dont really care how it looks jus so u got something to smoke from jus duct tape it as long as its not close to the bowl or anywhere it can heat up. if ur like me an u like ur smoking "utencils" to look halfway decent try the hot glue. it does work but it will melt if heated. also im not to sure on this one but rubber cement meight work, but before u use it squirt some on a piece of paper to dry. it has strong fumes so u wanna make sure they arent there anymore when it dries. also u should try elmers wood glue, if that shit can hold 4 pieces of wood together while i beat the hell out of it wit a lathe(or however u spell it) it should work pretty good wit some plastic bong that doesnt get too much pressure where u glue it.

    i thing that hot glue would be ur best bet an if it keeps breaking, duct tape it, as long as it smokes fine theres no problem.

    peace n bagz
  4. smokey

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    u could try silicone sealant they use it to seal the glass on fish tanks n shit like tht can get it at any hardware store. happy fixing :):)
  5. Uchiha Smoker

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    Just use some Big League Chew
  6. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    to be un-noticed,,,,superglue carefully,,,
  7. clevemire

    clevemire Registered+

    That I did. I laid down a thin strip of glue on the actual bong (not the broken piece), and attached the piece to the tube, and then laid another small band of glue on the outside of the crack. It looks decent, and I'll test it out in a little while. Thanks for the tips, fellas!

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