need to get un-high quick

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by kpqb8, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. kpqb8

    kpqb8 Registered

    any ideas?
  2. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    Take a shower
  3. Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison Registered+

    why? i dont think its possible to be un high you have to just ride it out
  4. SweetDreams420

    SweetDreams420 Registered+

    Beat off, take a shower then eat.
  5. Hollandica

    Hollandica Registered+

    Jump in a river or start a fight with a grizzlybear.
  6. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    smoke another bowl
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    MyMARYJANE Registered+

    drink alotta water?
  8. halo

    halo Registered+

  9. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    That just cant happen...becoming un-high lol. Most people try to avoid showing them selves being high by going to sleep. But if you can control your self when your high sorta like most experts can you can just wear some sunglasses to hide your eyes since besides a smell or strange shit you might say or slurred talking (in higher doses) that would be the only give away lol. But I'd consider wearing the glasses before you actually use them for a high-hider just incase people around you might wanna know why all of a sudden you started wearing glasses.
  10. graph

    graph Registered+

    I've kinda reached a point where I can sober up in a heartbeat if need be. Then again, I've noticed that when I am sober I usually am pretty high-sounding anyways.
  11. Frivolous248

    Frivolous248 Registered+


    Did that do it?

    That seems to kill my high when I think about getting caught, cause usually I'll just be chilling and enjoying it then if I have a close call I will be like "oh shit! I CAN'T get caught!" and I will start thinking straight again and realize what I have done, which is that I took a mind altering substance and I need to make sure I cover up all the evidence and while I'm thinking about all this, my high slowly gets killed.
  12. SweetDreams420

    SweetDreams420 Registered+

    Yeah i know graph is saying like if im high walkin down the street and i see a cop BOOM i go to full on sober mode but then when hes gone it gos away,.
  13. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    just eat something, works for me (unfortunately) :Rasta:
  14. Jahangir 420

    Jahangir 420 Registered+

    Taking a shower wont sober you up, neither will coffee, excercise, "lots of water" , etc. FOOD is the answer!!! Eat so much man your buzz will gradually go down after each dish , you'll be sober.
  15. pixel

    pixel Registered+

    i swear it, i think it's placebo effect but the second i swallow something i feel less high immediately. unless it's a drink, i can have as many drinks as possible and it doesn't effect my high, but by drink i mean water or some sort of 100% fruit juice. all i really drink.
  16. NextLineIsMine

    NextLineIsMine Registered+

    I dont feel the compulsion to make myself not high very often, sorry bud.
  17. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    most drinks kill my high cause i like having cottonmouth. it helps me know im still high lol, xcept mountain dew! that is the shit!
  18. SweetDreams420

    SweetDreams420 Registered+

    why would you smoke bud if you didnt wanna get high,.
  19. enthused

    enthused Registered+

    same for me heh. eff munchies! they totally sober me out..but hey that means more smoking needs to be done!
  20. Eshelmen

    Eshelmen Registered+

    beat the meat in the shower:)

    u`ll get a lot of energy...
    also i think smoking a cig will increase ur high but the high will last alot shorter

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