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need to know if aloe rid(nexxus) shampoo works for hair follicle?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by squirrelly, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. squirrelly

    squirrelly Registered

    I have been clean for 7 months with the exception of 7 different times where I took about 4 tokes.I have been shampooing every day with aloe rid for 3 weeks and I have ahair follicle coming up in a week.I take a urine screen every week(all negative except 1 and Iwas negative 2 days later) Trying to find out if yall think I will pass and need to know if aloe rid works on a heavy smoker(my husband) whom I have been giving my clean urine so he will pass his tests.He has also been using aloe rid for 3 weeks? Please Help!
  2. squirrelly

    squirrelly Registered

    I already took the test on Thursday I am waiting on results,but I still would like some real feedback all I have gotten is people talking about dick in bleach guy and some company posing as a stoner to push their products,if I pass I won't know if it was because I was clean or if it was the aloe rid shampoo.I have ahusband who is really dirty and is using the shampoo and who at any time might have a hair test so if any one knows some shit about aloe rid please reply!
  3. hls420

    hls420 Registered+

    Yes, any help with passing a hair test? I'd appreciate any advice.
  4. squirrelly

    squirrelly Registered

    well I passed my test but mainly because I had only took 3 tokes on 5 different occasions totalling maybe a joint in 3 months. still need advise about using aloe rid because my husband is really dirty and might get a hair follicle at any time.

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