need to now if Im clean for an 9panel ua test for pre-employment

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by 26smoker, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. 26smoker

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    so i last smoked on 6-23-13 just one joint of a low strand,before then it had been about a week before(same amount). I drink over a gallon of water/fruit punch mix each day was doing/drinking before both times and steady after both times.also ever morning I drink a full pot of coffee(my normal).I am 135lbs with very high metabolism. I eat alot of fresh veggies n fruit not alot of junk/fatty foods. took the test yesterday 7-1-13 had my pot of coffee, a large ice tea n a big bottle of water before i took test had peed many times early n when took test I wait to catch sample mid stream it was almost all clear,very very lite yellow tent. when should i hear back about results. I have another company offering a job n want me to go do one also( not sure if be a ua,blood,hair).

    I think i should be ok due to past where all i did was stop just 4days before test n just chugged water until the time of test. back then was a heavy daily smoker. not an occasional as the present. times i listed above. any input would help. so to get one or the other job.
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    Wow- you must have a high metabolism to piss clean after only 4 days in the past! I last smoked on the 16th and ran every day and still popped on a home test yesterday even after drinking enough water to make my pee almost clear (even with vitamins). I was a heavy smoker, older than you, a girl, and heavier than you, though. So big difference. I chose to substitute instead of dilute on the real thing last night because of that.

    For you, I would be worried about the sample coming back as a dilute. That was a lot of fluid! If your levels come back diluted they will either call it a fail or have you take it again (possibly under supervision). Kmfx that it comes back fine, though!! I have a friend who took hers last week and was worried about a possible dilute and was fine so good luck!
  3. 26smoker

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    yes a very high metabolism, everyone hates me for it cause i eat n eat n not weight gain I say that test was clean since i got the job back then .... im 43 a long time user the drinking of all this water/punch mix wasn't just for testing i cut out all soft drinks a month earlier to get healthier it the same drink mix my girlfriend has/is using in her weight loss program/regiment. I think since was drinking before daily that it may not look as diluted if had done like the past time which was 13yrs ago n was a much more heavy daily user.

    what is ur substitute? a clean person? kmfx?
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    Drinking fluids is only helpful on the day of the U/A. Drinking a bunch of fluids in the days or weeks before the U/A is of no help. For more info as to why, do a Forum Search with the terms "water soluble drinking useless".
  5. 26smoker

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    i thinking since now not as heavy/daily user as in past and the drinking/flushing i do would have better odds than back then when i was a wake n bake all day consumer in the past, and i passed u/a with in 4days of par-taking. checking out/looking up ur suggestions thanks.
  6. Sceeeered

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    Kmfx= keeping my fingers crossed :)

    I subbed with cleartest (testclear?) synthetic. Sooooo nervous. I should know tomorrow night.
  7. 26smoker

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    know what you mean im sitting here waiting/stressing to know results from yesterday 7-1-13 @10am est.from 1st company that sent me,,(wondering if company knows test results yet or if not long enough time yet) how long does it usually take to get results back n let me know.

    today 2nd company has called and wanting to schedule for me to test for them haven't heard back for time yet. So wigged out.( n wanting a kush fatty so bad)

    I know the saying "no news is good news" but so stressed. thought about calling 1st company and asking some none related question like dress code or such when i show up next monday 7-8-13 and see if they say never mind due to result or come on all is ok.dont wont to look/ sound suspicious.

    stressed n waiting grrrrrrrrrr.

    Just wish my state would get medical use passed so to get a card. i dont par-take on company time only on my time at night in my on home. no ones business what i do on my time in my house. not harming or hurting anyone just enjoying n helping with my psoriasis psoriasis arthritis back pains(herniated disk) , insomnia, anxieties.
  8. 26smoker

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    2nd company has just called, go test with them @ 10am or so.

    would love to hear from 1st company w/ results.
  9. spats1515

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    Hey man I would give them a call tomorrow to see if they have the results reported. The excuse I would use since it is a great one imo is that it is a holiday weekend and you are supposed to start on July 8th. I mean most people will have tomorrow off and will definitely be off July 4th. For me though, I took my first test with Labcorp last Thursday morning and I got a call the next Monday morning at 9 saying it was reported negative, but also dilute so I had to take another one today. Hope that helps a little.
  10. 26smoker

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    the test i took yesterday for the 1st company was w/ Labcorp also.@ 10am

    the one tomorrow with the 2nd company looks to be with nextcare/urgentcare. The company rep said should/would know results on friday the 5th

    and yes it being a Holiday weekend if i don't know anything from 1st.

    I know from past a lot of company's n military and such test right after major holidays 4th, Christmas thanksgiving and such so holding off until.
  11. spats1515

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    Good deal then. Hope it all works out for you and you get the all clear! I had 3 lab techs recognize me from last Thursday and all said they thought it was unfair I had to do a retest when I tested negative. I go well they said there was too high of a water content and I got these weird looks and they were like "thats dumb, you passed should be good enough" lol only if they were the ones reporting results
  12. 26smoker

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    just thought of this both companys are w/in a mile of each other
    when i leave the 2nd one tomorrow to go test, I could drop off my chain of custody form for/to the 1st company i test for yesterday and guess I would find out know for sure
    Oh I am so over thinking n stressing over all this need to par-take n relax. but until try to stay calm
  13. 26smoker

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    well to bed i go here on the east coast,getting up in the am do my normal morning pot of coffee(about 8 reg size mugs, then one travel mug) then another morning normal go to Bojangles get my xlg tea n biscuit. then to the office of the 2nd job offer after paper work off to lab for u/a( will have a Gatorade since i've read on here keep s/g normal) instead of lg water. then fill the cup.

    oh on the side note I will stop by the 1st job offer office and drop off chain of custody from the u/a i took yesterday(7-1-13) and hopefully get an answer from those result.

    then to decide which job to take and start next monday 7-8-13 if both test are a neg. then took enjoy a big ol fatty.
  14. 26smoker

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    PASSED the u/a I took Monday 7-1-13 for the 1st job.

    I stopped by their office this morning on route to take test for 2nd job offer just as I walked in the office of the 1st job they said we just called your house to let you know all was good to start on next monday 7-8-13 they dint give any details of results just said i was good to go. I glad wanted to go the work there verse the 2nd place.

    now to enjoy a lung full today/tonight then play by ear at new job n be a very lite par-taker(hated)since i do more for medical benefits now instead of the buzz(still nice to get)

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