Need to slow down Veg growth.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by 420barista, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. 420barista

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    We need to slow Veg growth.
    My friend thinks there might be a problem.
    Currently in the flower Chamber are 4 plants in a scrog grow of an unknown strain their due date is in mid march. So no flower room till then.
    Now we have a reveged plant that has had is roots trimmed back and transplanted from a 2 gal grow bag to 1/2 gal grow bag, and 4 clones in 16oz party cups. They need to stay in their vegetative state.
    Currently the veg room is illuminated with 3 26 watt cfls 3k spectrum.
    And lights are on 18/6 schedule. Watering/feeding about every 2-3 days. Nutes, then water w/black srap mollasses, then plain ph'ed water, then repeat cycle.

    So what can be done to slow veg growth without harming or hermeying the ladies?

    I know its not a normally asked question since i searched and found nothing, So does anyone know how We can put the plants in a stasis like state.
  2. Vancefish

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    I've read that clones can be kept quite a long time in the fridge. Not sure how long. It is a number of weeks or more though.
  3. 420barista

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    I saw that but i think that was for fresh cuttings these are almost a month old. and the fridge is not good for an option in this case.
  4. bcals0087

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    You could maybe try cutting out the nutes or lightening up on them. If you don't want to do that, just keep vegging them and you'll just have bigger plants which will yield more...if you have the space.
  5. 420barista

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    What were we thinking ok well if they get big I guess he can scrog them too.
  6. jamessr

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    just let them veg. and trim it back as needed. KISS !!;)
  7. bcals0087

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    sounds like a plan. best of luck!
  8. Italiano715

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    I wouldn't recommend "lightening" up on the nutes. Your only going to be asking for a deficiency problem IMHO. Just LST them or cut off limbs if it's that serious. Worse will happen is it will just get bushier not taller. That could be a good option as well....:thumbsup:
  9. WashougalWonder

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