Need to stop taking so much; seeking advice

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by MeanStreet5150, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Hello fellow cannabis enthusiasts,

    Right now I'm having a bit of a problematic relationship with marijuana. In fact, part of me worries that I might be growing an addiction to it. I really hope that this isn't the case, as I'd definitely like to continue using ganja every once in a while.

    Anyway, I used to be an extremely infrequent user of marijuana (probably because I had a really poor, ineffective strain of it) until early this year. Since then I've been consuming it at least once or twice a week, which I think should probably be the norm for me: one or two times a week. Unfortunately, over time I seem to have been using weed more and more often, up to the point where I know almost use it everyday, which is definitely not good for me. While many of you are probably able to consume marijuana everyday with no problem, I'm not sure if that would be the case for me (also, the drug becomes much less effective when I use it this often). In addition, I seem to breaking some other rules I've set for cannabis consumption, such as not using it the day before I have to go driving somewhere (don't worry I haven't been pulled over for DUI yet) or not using it later than 6:30pm.

    So in other words, my marijuana habits are becoming increasingly problematic for me, and I'd seriously like to put a cap on how often I use it without giving it up completely. Fortunately, I may have to stop taking it for a while because I lost an important piece to my vaporizer (again) and it'll be a while before I get a replacement part. Nonetheless, I think I could definitely use some advice or suggestions from other, perhaps more experienced marijuana users on how to moderate my consumption. I'm hoping that I find a way to go back to using it about once or twice a week at maximum.
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    I think you should focus on other hobbies. Entertain yourself with other works. Example, try to exercise or cook, try also focusing on your jobs if you have any. Also interact with your friends. Why don't you look for someone to date, maybe if you found someone that will make you happy you will lessen your intake. Hope that helps.
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    Well.. Pot doesn't addict you, what addicts you is the feel it provides, fisically and emotionally.
    By experience on this matter I would suggest exercise mixed with social doings (café's, ice cream, whatever), keeping the body tired might backfire in a kind of way but socializing will demote the initial effects.
    Also change the strain you're smoking to a poorer one, also might be good to know what kind of C are you smoking, sativa or indica?
    Also resolve any problems you might have that affect the positivity in your mind, like relationship fights, parenting..

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