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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by TheWhiteRider, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I had a job interview in another state last week. I arrived there on Wednesday and had the actual interview on Thursday (03/06) morning. I got caught off guard that day and they sent me to a clinic for a drug test. I am a heavy smoker and quit 10 days before that date. I went into the clinic really paranoid and had to give a urine sample. They sent me to the bathroom and told me to fill the cup. I peed midstream and failed to fill the 45 mL, so when I went out I asked the nurse if it was enough. She told me no, so I had to drink water and wait until I had to pee. 15 minutes later, I went in again and peed just enough (the 2nd half of my stream) to fill the cup. Keep in mind this was the third pee of my day.

    So I am worried whether I passed or not. I took a home test later that day and tested negative with the test line being very faded. I took another home test on Saturday morning to check my 2nd half of the pee and although I could see the line very very little, I think it came out positive.

    The employer told me that it is not unprecedented for the first test to give wrong results and if it does come back positive they would make me re-test in a facility in my hometown. That made me feel better (because I would have time to figure something out) but it also made me feel nervous because WHY would he say that to me? I assured him that they would have no problems with my test results.

    It is now Tuesday and I haven't heard anything from the clinic or the employer about the drug test. I made a really good impression and I accepted their offer (pending the background check and the drug test results). SOO, here are my questions and concerns:

    Do you think there is some chance I could have passed the lab test?

    How long does it take for the results to arrive? Has it been enough time to assume that I passed it? Lab is MedTox. Is there any way to track it?

    If I DIDN'T pass it, would they have called me already? Or would they have let the employer know?

    If I am to re-test, I bought the QuickFix 4.0 which has excellent reviews from everybody, so I am planning to use it for the retake. I've read many many posts verifying it works, but I would like to hear it again from people that have actually passed a laboratory test (not the tablet). I read an article online that states that labs CAN tell the difference from real urine here:

    Sorry for long post. I am just another pothead who loves weed and thinks it should be legalized. I've smoked for my whole university career and got very good grades, so I am very pro weed.

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    You may have passed theres just no way to know for sure. It usually takes them 2 or 3 days to get the results back. 10 days is not much time for a heavy smoker to get clean. Usually its between 4 and 8 weeks. But there are so many variables.
    Did you follow the dillution sticky?
    If its a non DOT type job they will contact the employer, not you. They seem to be pretty lax. They must not of even cared about the temp. QF will absolutely work. That link you gave looks like they are really trying to sell there product. The drug test labs do not have a way to detect synthetic urine yet but I'm sure they're working on it. I've used QF 3 times and its worked perfect.
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    Well, I've had to take a drug test before for another company and just quit for 2 1/2 months. I had also read a lot about dillution and stuff. It's just that none of it applies because the drug test was a surprise! :wtf:

    What I can tell you is that I peed a lot during those 10 sober days because I drink a lot of coffee and drink the occasional wine or beer.

    How do I know it's a DOT or non-DOT type job? I don't want to give out too much but it's a job as an engineer. The guy told me on Thursday that they would get the results within a couple of days (but I am sure he assumed it would out negative, because positive takes longer to analyze right?). But shouldn't the company or the clinic have called me by now if it DID come out positive? If they do eventually call me and ask me why it was positive I will tell deny deny deny and tell them I take the occasional Advil (which they might think triggered the false-positive, even though it's bullshit of course).

    They did care about the temp because the form receipt they gave me has a check for 90-100 F temp.

    I also thought that the link was trying to sell their product and bash the competitors. I even told the guy in the site whether it was true or not and he said that it was true, but I told him he was full of shit because everybody has said it works!!

    Thanks for your swift reply by the way. I really appreciate it.

    What do you think?
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    "You do not have to quit consuming toxins to pass, because we give you urine that looks, smells and behaves chemically as drug-free human urine. Since they test this clean urine, it doesn't matter what's in your urine at all."

    Hey Whiterider,

    I just took a drug test using synthetic urine. I got a bit paranoid when I read the link you posted. The above quote came from that site. It seems strange the way they describe their product, it sounds like it is really synthetic! Weird!

    Anyway, depending on your body mass index and other factors such as heavy use, the time it takes to clear your system of weed varies greatly. I am a heavy user and was told it could take up to a few months to get out of my body. This is why they urine test, drugs stay in your system for longer than blood and other methods cost the companies too much!

    I wish you a passing result, and if you don't pass, I hope they let you re-test and you pass with Q.F. Take care! Sucks that us stoners have to jump through so many hoops just to get good jobs. I'm even a legal medicinal m.j. patient, yet I STILL have to lie to my job! AAARRRGGHHHH!!! All the best, WWW :smokin:
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    This is why its good to be prepared. I wish all tokers would read these drug testing threads to educate themselves to be ready for the "surprise" random. Randoms can still be beat with synthetic urine. I've beat 3 of them.
    A DOT type job is a job that falls under the governments mandated mandatory pre-employement and random tests. Truck driving,forklift driving,heavy machinary.
    Even if the UA doesn't pass the immunassay test and moves on to GC it still only takes 2 or 3 days. If its a non DOT job they may not call you if it was positive. They will call the employer. It just depends on what kind of a system the employer is set up with. I never recommend calling an employer to ask if you passed the UA. Just call them and ask what your start date is. If there's a problem they should let you know then.
    It won't do any good to make excuses if it goes to GC. The MRO will know exactly what the substance is that was in your UA.
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    Under the regulations set by DHHS, a "non-human" sample is ruled when the creatinine level is between 0 - 2 mg/dL. Synthetic urine batches such as the Quick Fix, when stored properly and not expired, will pass the creatinine checks as well as the pH, specific gravity, etc.

    I place no credence on info told by individuals who are in to advertize their product. Their pitches are almost always reeked with misinformation.
  7. TheWhiteRider

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    Thanks again for the swift replies guys, appreciate it.

    I just want to say that as opposed to a lot of people, I've read HUNDREDS, literally, of posts concerning all this stuff. Many I've found in this forum, and many have been made by killerweed420, FakeBoobsRule. I really admire the patience you have to answer everyone's questions.

    It's not that I am unprepared, I know what to do, it's just they really caught me by surprise with that test. I was going to worry about a drug test AFTER I had the interview. But now I am more concerned about the synthetic urine because of that article I read. However, you guys made me feel better about it. So if I do get a re-test, I will try using the QF.

    I also made the post to find out some things that I didn't find easily, such as the DOT vs non DOT stuff.

    I just highly doubt I passed the test (unless a miracle happened) because it had only been 10 days. So now I am really nervous because I haven't heard anything from either of the companies. I mean, if they warned the employer, I am pretty sure they would have contacted me! It's been almost a week, so what's taking so long?? Do clinics work on Saturdays? Would the fact that it's a small town have anything to do with it?

    I am a very nervous and worrying person, so please forgive me if I come off as impatient. I just wish this whole thing would turn out fine by my test coming out negative! :(
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    If you tested positive for thc they would have contacted your employer and let them know. So the employer may not call you back. I would recommend call HR and ask them when your start date is. Never bring up anything about the UA. They should let you know whats up.
  9. TheWhiteRider

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    Well, what sucks is that they already set up a start date for me to work, so I can't call and ask about it since they already told me.

    I have been in contact with one of the guys through e-mail (not HR) and he hasn't mentioned anything about the test.

    You think it's been long enough to assume I passed?
  10. killerweed420

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    If you had the UA on the 6th the employer would know by now.It only takes 2 or 3 days. So if nobody has said anything you should be fine.
  11. TheWhiteRider

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    Well, I really really hope so!! Thanks for the vote of confidence, killerweed.

    Either I passed the test or they REALLY need somebody to fill the position.

    I'll let you guys know what happens.
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    GUESS WHAT KILLER? I PASSED With the QF!!!! Sorry for sounding like a whiner, but this was my first time for a urine test. I am burning one now in honor of you and FAKEBOOBS!! :Rasta: Hey Whiterider, Quick fix is great!
  13. killerweed420

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    rarebud cood news. Now make sure prepared for any future randoms.

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