Needing more seeds because i over watered.

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  1. Throwinguprainbo

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    I'm not sure if seed questions go here, but I'm just wondering if I can still get seeds shipped to me in Illinois. The 12 I had are almost done and I would like to grow more in my little closet. I just don't know if buying them online is a good idea in this stupid state of mine. Where do you all get your seeds?
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  2. emilya

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    have you tried clicking on the seed bank ads at the top of the page?
  3. emilya

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    some seeds do get intercepted before they get to you, but I personally have never had a problem. Just be sure to send the order to a safe location away from where you are growing and you should be fine. Yes, you might lose an order to customs, but what in life isn't just a bit of a crap shoot?
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  4. Throwinguprainbo

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    So I should set up a P.O. Box?
  5. emilya

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    that takes ID... what good would that do? a friend, a relative, neighbor... be creative.
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  6. Jamie Watkins

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    I wouldn't worry if some seeds, or even some weed itself gets intercepted by postal or customs. In over 30 years of having smoke mailed to me when I was stationed overseas and even here in the U.S., unless the package is mailed certified with a signature needed, you are not liable for parcels that arrive to your address unless you sign for the parcel. I've had probably five packages seized by postal inspectors and all they do is send a nasty letter stating that something illegal was in the package and if I would like to discuss the package and its' return, to please contact them. I have spoken with postal inspectors and they have all told me the same thing. Folks receive mail all the time that they didn't request, BUT!, if you have a package that needs to be signed for, that gives the impression that you had knowledge of the parcel and serious results can happen.
    Bottom line....never, ever, ever, ever, have seeds or weed mailed to you with a signature required for acceptance. Mailing Priority is great, the parcel speeds through the postal distribution centers, arriving within 2-3 days, just don't have it sent with a signature required for delivery. Oh, and put just a bit of coffee grounds in the package, it throws off the dogs.
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  7. Weezard

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    Sorry Jamie, but that is incorrect.
    Scent masking does not work with dogs.

    A dogs sense of smell is superior to a human in more than just sensitivity.
    A large portion of their brain is dedicated to scent and they can detect many scents simutaneously .
    So masking is not an option and is very bad advice.

    Also, for parcels less than 14 ounces, always send first Class, and clearly mark it as such.
    It is far less expensive than priority one, a little faster, and opening it requires a search warrant.
    I searched the USPS site and the privacy of Priority one is not as clearly defined.

    This is not advice, just factual information.
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  8. Dutch Pimp

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    if a package has a cookie in it? every dog in the neighborhood will know it!:bananadance:
  9. Jamie Watkins

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    No, don't know where you read it but First Class is not faster than Priority when using the mail. First Class can take from 4-10 days with the postal system. The only difference between Priority and First Class is that First Class takes longer, thereby increasing the time that it spends in postal distribution centers. Priority only cost under $7.00 mailing in a postal supplied box. I don't think that you are as well versed as you want to be on that. I've been doing it within the U.S. and internationally for over thirty years, and I will say that I know a thing or two about the proper mailing of weed.
    Concerning coffee, coffee confuses the dog, it gives a weird reaction when coming upon a package using coffee as a masking agent. This I learned from attending a canine demonstration with the sheriffs dept. that I worked for up in Washington state. In a demonstration using the county's canine group and ten parcels, two of which had weed with no masking agent and a third parcel with weed and coffee, all the dogs easily alerted on the parcels w/weed and no masking agent. None of the dogs alerted on the parcel containing weed and the coffee masking agent.
    I've been using the postal, UPS and FEDEX for over thirty years in regards to pot parcels and the only times (5) that the package was intercepted was when the person mailing it did not follow my instructions and used either pepper or garlic powder to try and mask.
    This is not advice, just factual, first hand information.
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