neem oil mixture is it safe to use on plants

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    Im suffering from what i believe to be a fungus attack on 1 of my plants, the leaves and stems around the base are covered in small dark blotches, and it is beginnig to spread to another plant next to it, i can gently rub the dark blotches off with my finger, this is what makes me feel its a fungus/mold attack, ive researched on the net and found that neem oil is not only a good insecticide but works as a fungicide too which is great cos ive had a bit of aphid prob as well!, wat i want to know is - the bottle of neem oil ive got has also got bergamot, rosemary, eucalyptus, and almond oil in it (told the wife to get pure neem oil for me came back with this) is this safe to make into a spray for my plants? you help will be much appreciated anyone? :)
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    Does the bottle indicate anywhere that its for horticulture use? I dunno what the other oils in that will do to your plant but if it says for horticulture or something your probably safe. One thing I will say though is regardless of what the neem oil is mixed with, you cannot use it till the end of harvest. It has a very strong and nasty smell to it to you seriously don't want sticking to your buds. You could probably use it a week or two into flowering but that'd still be pushing it.

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    Mold/fungus problem?

    Cheers for the info! the bottle doesnt state its for horticultural use, i think its for a skin care lotion all it says on the ingriedients is ,sweet almond oil, neem oil, bergamot, rosemary & eucalyptus, prob wont use it then! plants have only just started to show their sex last week ie pistells just staring, is their anything else i can try? dont want this mold/fungus spreading to the rest of the plants if it is mold /fungus im not sure its on the lower half of the plant small dark spots which i can rub off with my finger & kind of powdery, ;)
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    I haven't heard of similar results from other gardeners, but I used neem oil because of a leafhopper problem and it burned my plant. The plants are doing okay now, but I'm certain it was the neem oil from "garden safe". Side note, my biggest plant turned male and I just cut it. :( I feel like I just brutally murdered my best friend.
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    There are couple things you can to do stop bugs/fungus. One would be to go out and get yourself some neem oil and that could possibly fix both problems. You also could make a insecticidal spray by mixing peppers with garlic and things like that; just google it and you'll find one easily (even if its organic you still shouldn't use it too far in flower). Another option would obviously be to go and buy some insecticide and fungicide from your local gardening store but you definitely wanna get something organic.

    You could also possibly "shower" your plant carefully and then try to carefully dry off the leaves because you don't want the moisture to sit on the leaves too much because 1. it'll encourage fungus 2. it'll burn plants cause of thew water droplets acting as magnifier. Try to do it only the infected areas though.

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    One thing that we do at my greenhouse is to rub isopropyl alcohol on any spots that look suspicios. It doesn't harm the plant, it dries quickly, and it kills almost everything. Make sure that your bottom leaves are not coming in contact with your soil or the will start to develop issues.

    Good Luck,

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    ^^^I like this idea but I've never tried it but then again I've never actually had a problem with fungus. Does use alcohol really stop the fungus? It makes sense I guess.
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    If it's mold and or fungus most likely your problem originated in the soil. I would go with an organic fungicide....look for the ones used for roses and or gardens. And yes...go with the organic product.
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    The use of an organic fungicide to treat the soil is probably not a bad idea if the fungus keeps recurring. However, make sure that you aren't keeping this consistantly damp because that causes mold problems on lower leaves.


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