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  1. hows.your.roof

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    besides killing pests . what other positive effects does neem oil have on plants
  2. Bulster

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    It makes them shiny too :)
    But don't over-do it, it doesn't take much.

    And as far as humans go, neem oil will take care of head lice!!! Yes I know 'cuz we had them and instead of using the various toxic shampoos I just put a little neem oil in the regular shampoo and POOF ! lice gone. Neem oil is good for so many things I just LOVE it!
  3. Gundari

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    My father has said (he's an UBER plant guy, knows tons on growing all kinds of stuff) you can mix it in with the water you're feeding the plant and they will actually suck up the ingredient that messes up the bugs life cycles and all that jazz.

    I will second bulster in saying don't over do it, and that it really doesnt take much. I nearly killed my plant by over applying neem.
  4. Doctor Whoov

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    Do not use neem oil on flowering plants. My friend did it last year and the buds held the taste. Ass is the only way to describe it. Try to use predatory insects like lady bugs, lacewings and long pipes. You can get them from various sources online.
  5. stinkyattic

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    Keeps pests from feeding.
    Prevents mold spores from finding a place to take hold.
    Reduces water loss through transpiration.

    You can use up to the end of the second week of flower. Neemy buds taste wretched. I must have gotten some neem overspray on a budded plant recently because the other day I sat down for a toke and practically gagged, it was the worst flavor EVER.
  6. BlueBear

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    I use it as well. i use 2 TSB per gallon when spraying and half of that when adding to my nute water. If I have to regulate during the last part of flower I will only spray and only the top of the soil and the lower plant so any young plants in the room will not get infested do to a two week stoppage of spraying. I have recently started using a product called Jungle Rain. It seems to be all natural, getting many good reviews from local growers and has a natural wetting agent in it for deeper leaf penetration. It is not made for deep soil penetration, so in otherwards you only use it as a foliar spray, but can spray the day out of the top of the soil.
    Well, hope this helps.
    PS. Also, it smells like some massage oils and what not, makes you think of some tropical drink, perhaps that is why it is named Jungle Rain.
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    I was going to start a new thread with this question but thought it might be more terse to just bump this one.

    I want to pre-treat my healthy young plants with neem to repel spider mites. I know to put a thin layer of neem after each watering during veg mode, but can you to start the applications too early? My plants are about 2 weeks old, have 3 nodes and just sprouted leaves of 5. Should I start the treatments?
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    Instead of pre-treating your plants for pests with neem oil, you should just make sure that your pots, grow area, and the planting medium you plan on using are all sterilized before you grow anything. You shouldn't be expecting spider mites at two weeks into a grow.

    "An ounce of prevention..."
  9. burnable

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    um, okay. Assuming I've done all that, and still want a coat of neem solution for preventive reasons, when is the time to start the treatments?

    I did all I could in terms of sterilization and still got an outbreak of mites. This time I want a neem regimen to fall back upon .
  10. GaGrown

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    You don't expect them to appear. I sure hope they don't. Growers bring them into their rooms on clothes,shoes and esspecially if you have pets or house plants.They just hitch a ride to your grow. Using the neem oil is a preventive measure.In the case of an infestation,It works then,too.You may not even see them under a metal halide lamp.But,when you move to the HPS then it's like life on the beach to those leaf sucking son's of bitches!

    Ga Grown!
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    I spray mine when they are rooted (clones),then again in a week. Mamas,once every 2 weeks,soil pot and plant, if your infested.Give them a shower with plain blasts of water,with a spray bottle.I like the pump kind.The next day spray with the oil.After that,once a month.I've had no mites.This is the 3rd grow in that area.

    Ga Grown!
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  12. burnable

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    ^cool thanks, ga.

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