neem oil

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by pizza21970, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. pizza21970

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    whats it for and where do u get it
  2. BlueBear

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    It is for pest control, don't use it unless you have problems with insects. Also try not to use it in flower if at all possible.
  3. busteruk7

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    yeah its really good for insect probs my m8 used it and it really stinks lol
    cheers all :)
  4. Storm Crow

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    Neem is an interesting tree from India. When the locust swarms go through, the neem trees are vitrually the only thing green left! Neem provides a vast array of medical uses from clearing skin infections to birth control. It has been called "the village pharmacy". As a bug killer, it works several ways. If an insect is small, neem oils clogs up their "lungs" and they sufficate. If a bug eats neem, they usually will just vomit - which prevents feeding and they die of starvation. If they have a really tough digestive system and manage to eat some neem, it messes with their ability to digest food! And it will screw up their sex hormones so they can't lay eggs. Plants can absorb a tiny amount of neem oil into their roots and the plant can use it as a defense against bugs. Neem does not hurt warm blooded creatures. Neem does smell, but that goes away after a day or so. Neem must be used more than once to get the bugs. It does not persist (it breaks down pretty fast into less poisonous compounds) Eggs are not affected and even if the older bugs are all messed up by the neem, the newly hatched ones can be fine if the neem has broken down. It's a lot more hassle to use than a pest strip--but I'd rather smoke pot with the remains of natural neem tree oil than a pest strip that is essentially a nerve gas with a few molecules switched around! Lungs absorb nerve gasses SO easily! :( I ended up with mites this grow and just applied my 3rd spraying of neem oil . Seems to be working. :thumbsup:
  5. Storm Crow

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    Oops- forgot to tell you where to get it! I believe I read that Walmart has a neem anti-fungal for plants (in a turquoise bottle?), but try large garden stores or you can just get it at a health food store. Since the neem oil you get at the HF store is made for human use, it will be a better quality than what you'd find at a garden store. I buy my spices at the health food store and I picked up a little $9 bottle of neem oil while I was there. I use a couple of drops of Dr. Bronner's lavender hemp oil soap (good stuff!) to help the oil and water mix to make the spray.
  6. pizza21970

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    thanks storm
  7. stinkyattic

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    Neem is the shit.
    I use it all the time.
    Twice a day, just a light mist, keeps bugs, fungus, and the dog away.
    I spray right through to the 3rd week of flowering with no detriment to the finished product.
    Storm Crow is the neem expert. She? (you're a gal, Storm, aren't you?) will probably also be able to tell you how to treat your jock itch with it too! No kidding, the stuff is very multi-purpose.
  8. Storm Crow

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    Yep, I'm female, 59 and fabulous! Oh, Skunk Magazine has an article on neem and another one on spider mites (great pix).
  9. postmandave

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    thanks for the up on the article storm.thank you safe.the postman.

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