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Negative Dilute. Failed!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by circa8773, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. circa8773

    circa8773 Registered

    Just lettin you this is possible, i didn't think it would happen. Received a negative dilute result from a pre-employment drug screen. Although it wasn't really a P.E. drug screen due to the fact that it was the 3rd day of work & i didn't know i would be taking it then. Anyway, i did have a lot of liquids that day, so i thought the neg. dilute would be possible. However wasn't expecting that i would be TERMINATED as a result. I'm so pissed! no pun intended. NO chance for a retest which is what i thought the protocol was....
  2. nyguy2010

    nyguy2010 Registered

    woowwww even dot allow retest for negative dilute...ur level must have been very low or ur human resource lady has zero ur saying u didnt dilute on purpose?
  3. webdox

    webdox Registered+

    Load creatine next time and you won't fail. That's part of the instructions to avoid negative dilutes.
  4. circa8773

    circa8773 Registered

    Not really...

    I didnt know i was taking the test till i got a call...i was already at work. had to drive down the street to take it. had just gone to the bathroom. so i did drink about 4 cups of water in addition to the sodas i already had. I was about 10 days clean from smoking jsut once in about 2 months. so basically id still have a job if i wouldn't have drank anything that day.
  5. nyguy2010

    nyguy2010 Registered

    talk to ur human resource lady..usually positive dilute are grounds to fail but negative dilutes. sound really sympathetic, just to make sure u should take a in home test before calling since u cant risk have neg dilute twice.
  6. webdox

    webdox Registered+

    That does suck and you are probably right. It's not like creatine will help for spot testing since it takes 1-2 days to convert to the tested for creatinine. If that is all you drank it stinks that they won't give you a chance to retest. Doesn't sound like you drank too much.
  7. circa8773

    circa8773 Registered


    i ended up getting 3 job offers in the same day this week. All lof which are more local positions and a higher salary. screw that HR dept. and their termination policy for neg. dilutes! It was their loss and someone else's gain. Glad it happened now. BUT, i don't wish that on anyone else, because i was basically fired for my drinking habits. Which you wouldn't think could be legal.....
  8. blank27

    blank27 Registered+

    this is why EVERY SMOKER should have a batch of quickfix 5.7 on them all the time at work. Store it in your locker, lunch container, pocket, car, anywhere. If you find out you are getting tested, crotch it, claim shy blader, and then an hour later it will be the right temp and you can do your thing.

    this stuff saved my job and i wouldnt be caught dead without it incase of a random or work-comp issue

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