Nepalese Hashish making (temple balls)

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by jadeius, Jul 16, 2005.

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    OK, maybe this has been done here before, I have only been here for some odd months, but I honestly vouch for this method of hash production:

    NEPALESE HASHISH is a mild, aromatic hashish produced by a very traditional, simple, and efficient varies in color and texture according to the maker's weed, harvest time, and technique...

    Basically, any grower or smoker can make this stuff: I recommend using freshly grown buds for the fresh and clean version, but dried, harvested and sold bud can surely be used, as this is how I discovered this method.

    I used a quarter-ounce of some pretty good stuff; it was very bright green, dry, LARGE buds, which probably aren't necessarily the best for hash making. Generally, you want your buds to finish flowering with very many frosty trichomes, as this is what you are after (country). This is the method that doesn't need anything but your bare hands (ok, ok, I'm getting to it, just being informative)...

    Take each bud from your bag of weed, or harvest, and slowly and carefully roll it back and forth between your hands. the slower you roll it and rub it, the less friction you create, which means less heat is generated by the rubbing (much like making the little black balls of gunk by rubbing sweaty hands together)...the less heat you generate, the less THC you begin to vaporize...however, you need some heat to activate the THC, much like baking with bud butter (budder)...

    rub and rub and rub and roll the buds one at a time between your hands, letting the bud crumble and fall onto a smooth surface for reserving later. eventually, you will have collected a lot of powdery bud and tons of resin on your hands, varying in color from green to black depending on the weed. you can VERY LIGHTLY and gently brush off some of the powdery material into your plant reserve, but consider that it may contain many of the resins you desire....then, when you've rubbed all the buds down to finely broken up weed, drop them all and slowly rub your hands together and create some heat, this will make the resin on your hands collect into more dense masses, let them fall into a pile on a smooth surface SEPARATE from your green pile...this is the stuff you wanna collect with a credit card or razorblade or similar straightedge...

    if you have lots of this resin, then you can put it in a cellophane wrapper or something similar and use a method to press it into a resiny brick, but if you only have a small amount, just gather it up and smoke small amounts of it at a really good, though i'm sure there are ways to make much more pure hashish...but this will give you a feel for what hashish is and how it differs from just should burn in your pipe more like resin that you've scraped up, it'll gather into a clump and burn "slower" ... you'll probably need your lighter a lot, but it's fuckin excellent stuff, but remember, take small hits and hold it in for a long time because it's concentrated and expensive if you make it in large amounts

    this is quite efficient because you can still smoke the green that you have broken up and dropped as a result of rubbing the buds, this goes for the dried for fresh picked buds, you want to let them stay on the plant until they've started to dry (this works especially well in the sun, the UV radiation kills off some of the chlorophyll and all the junk you don't won't), in other words, you'll be picking your hash-making buds pretty late, after you'd normally harvest for drying and curing buds....dryer weed gets less plant material and water and plant food and mineral salts involved in the extraction of the THC

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    Old school afghani hash is made by putting several whole plants (dried) in a thick plastic drop cloth. They wrap the plants and then beat the shit out of them with sticks for about 10 min (grade 1). They move the plants to the second plastic and beat the shit out of again, that is grade 2. They do this about 3 or 4 times then scrape the trichomes off the plastic and had press it into molds.

    That's very old school.

    Thanks for the tip jadeius I’m sure there are many who will try this.
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    cool thread...and you don't waste a thing, kinda like a rum company...great stuff...latewood
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    i smoked some of the "dry finger hash" about an hour ago, and i've been drinking some wine too, but GODDAAAAAMMN I'M STONED...i don't normally get this high just smokin' bud...i took some of my resin i made and put it on top of the broken up weed (mostly the resiny stuff)...and it's amazing...i've been stoned like hell for over an hour and it's not stopping any time soon! :geeeeeeeek: lol

    definitely a great variation on the fruits of our labor!!
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    thinking about trying the finger hash!!! I don't think i have a quarter anymore though, sacks go so fast. My question was about bubblers though. How does that work?
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    Thats the Pumpup scooter (kuta)..
    Bubble hash Kit..
    Check the link..

    I Make good Putty out of my electric herb grinder also..:D..

    Jade and Zandors Methods are True Ol'school..:D..

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