new braunfels stoners?

Discussion in 'Texas (TX)' started by hateyoul3itch, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. hateyoul3itch

    hateyoul3itch Banned

    my mom just moved there. anyone smoking weed there?
  2. The Kidd

    The Kidd Registered+

    sorry took so long to respond but yeah about one in three locals and alot of the tourist if you come here and you need someone to show you around let me know i know lots of cool people with lots of cool stuff
  3. turtleboy

    turtleboy Registered

    yo yo NBlites! ...i'm from this darn german town....hit me up so we can light it up.
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  4. shay!i!i

    shay!i!i Registered

    You selling?
  5. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    eight year old thread, necropost.
  6. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    no body has been on this site from new braunfels since 2007.

    I don't know what new braunfels is and I doubt it is anywhere near my world. I have no weed to sell to new braunfels-ers. sorry. stop pmimg me looking for weed.

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