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Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by BaknBlake, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. BaknBlake

    BaknBlake Registered+

    Hey all well im buying a sack around 3:00 today and my dealer claims its bomb "Fire" chronic but i guess we'll see ...ill post some pics for yall when i get it...
  2. hempsmoker25

    hempsmoker25 Registered+

    if hes callin it fire, i think its just another name for bud... Like pot, weed, bud, dope. ya know. post some pics later man,
  3. JiGGabOo

    JiGGabOo Registered

    is that u in the picture?
  4. ganjah

    ganjah Registered+

    Well I def. know of fire I have smoked it before, its really good stuff, better than just regular weed...have fun!
  5. BDubz26062

    BDubz26062 Registered+

    well lets see this fire chronic
  6. BaknBlake

    BaknBlake Registered+

    well i ended up getting it from a differnet guy(who also just got some new crop in) because my other dealer couldnt get it till 6 or so.., anyways when i got it, it looked kinda differnet and didnt smell dank at all, i was kind of pissed and decided to roll a massive blunt to take me away from my angry state of mind. As soon as i broke of the weed i suddenly smelt a very strong dank smell. Turns out the weed is pretty good and smokes really nice...high is smooth and relaxing. It looks pretty vicious, and has that kind of "shit"smell.. not in a bad way tho...anyways my buddy is coming over with our sack so ill get some pics...
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  7. BaknBlake

    BaknBlake Registered+

    Yes from bout a year ago on my bday... as you can see my blunt rolling skills werent very good...It was me and my buddy's bday and we rolled up a 2 g blunt...anyways ...

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  8. orange floyd

    orange floyd Registered+

    ii just met a dealer today that sold my friend like a .7 nick of what he called "fire". it looked like mids but smelled like supers so we figured it was about as good as dro. turns out the guy charges 120 for an ounce so i think i got myself a new dealer. what is fire actually, no one says that around here..
  9. t3chyo

    t3chyo Registered+

    I believe "fire" to be chronic weed, that when enhaled, burns your throat&lung. I also believe it to be the top of line stuff and the dealer doesnt know the strain name so they call it "fire". I had some trainwreck the other week from my buddy who knows the grower and it definently was some "fire".
  10. BaknBlake

    BaknBlake Registered+

    Pretty much exactly what it is here...I dont question my dealer when he says fire...Its never shit weed...I have usually 3 options here....mersh ....Bc(basic Chronic)...or fire(top of the line...usually indoor, and usualy 50 for an 1/8
  11. da5mikeY

    da5mikeY Registered+

    yeah my dealer I guess you can call him said he had some fire nugs and they were just drenched in red and orange hairs and crystals
  12. delta9thc06

    delta9thc06 Registered+

    I thought bc meant British Columbia not basic chronic.
  13. Fattie

    Fattie Registered+

    dude, no offence but get a different avatar picture.
  14. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    I wasn't going to say anything, But I second this.
    Your avatar creeps me the fuck out.
  15. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    So wheres the weed?
  16. shoi

    shoi Registered+

    i want pics goddamnit!

    take ur time,
  17. mojoke

    mojoke Registered+

    if i were selling my fire to you i would make you pay 50 and then give me 5 for gas.
    and i dont even drive.
  18. delta9thc06

    delta9thc06 Registered+

  19. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    I think he meant the threadstarter bro. :)

    Fire weed here, is just another word for BC Beasters because of the appreance of the bud being on Fire. It's very hairy with tons of red hairs, so, yeah.

    Not $50 an 1/8 either. Only $140 for a full of it.
  20. BaknBlake

    BaknBlake Registered+


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