New clones, leaves turning brown and curl

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Rick20, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Rick20

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    I recently planted two clones. i put root stimulator on it. planted it in soil. and put it under a 23watt CFL and a 15watt CFL (all i have at the moment.) about 4 inches away from the plants, and about 1 inch away from the dome. I watered them with SUPERthrive. was that a no?


    the leaves on the bottom of each clone are turning yellow and curling up and eventually turning dark brown almost a black. looks like the leaves died on the bottom. should i cut them. they are kinda close to the soil anyways.

    1 of the clones hasn't had brown leaves yet but looks like it's heading towards that way. i'll keep them out of the grow room for now and put them in my room with my lights on. i have two 23 watt cfls in my room. idk if that'll do anything.

    sorry i cant upload pictures. my camera is dead as well as my phone. lost charger.

    any help is appreciated.
  2. jkalb42

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    Hey guy, i've been having clone troubles lately too, all of my peat pellets molded up! lol, but to me it sounds like the problem youre having is the lights are too close to those babies. fresh clones are very vulnerable, you have to baby them for a while. not all, but most people put a humidity dome over the top of the clones. if you don't know what that is, there are a lot of threads on cloning you could look into. they keep a bit of humidity around the leaves of the clones, which keeps the leaves green and lively, but, as i have now experiences twice, too much trapped humidity causes mold and the loss of all those potential buds. the superthrive though, i doubt it did any harm to the clones. although i don't know if its good practice, i supplement all of my waterings with superthrive, even when i don't put any other nutes in. just be careful and follow the directions on the bottle, because that stuff is pretty potent. hope i helped some, have a good one.
  3. Greenthing

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    I dont feed untill i see roots, just plain Ph water untill then, and only a very weak soloution when roots show.:)
  4. dejayou30

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    SuperThrive is brutal and can easily kill newly rooted clones, so its likely thats what did yours in if they didn't have roots. I don't water my clones at all, I just keep the dome moist. If you water whatever they are planted in (I use rockwool), the ends usually rot where the roots are supposed to grow. Plus, watering below soil won't do any good since there's nothing down there to water. You have to let the leaves work the magic until there are roots.
  5. Rick20

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    ok cool.

    thanks you guys were a lot of help.

    i think i'll just water them with PH for now like you said. i will start using superthrive when they root. the soil has been moist for about 3 days. i do have a dome over both. it has wooden stakes on all 4 corners of the pots with a baggy over it. i moved the lights further away.

    what about those brown almost black leaves at the bottom? trim them or leave them?
  6. Greenthing

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    Your plants will let you know when it is finished with those leaves and they should turn yellow and die as the plant uses the goodness out of them to help it grow.
  7. Rick20

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    its starting to spread to the higher leaves i have a couple of pictures i took from the top with my phone.

  8. Greenthing

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    I am not sure that you should have a baggy on you plants
    What size is your pot i cant tell by the photo and there seems to be lots of pieces of wood in your grow media.

  9. Rick20

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    yeah.. i'm going to make a new dome for them. and just spray the dome.

    should i get some better soil? i didn't think that was good soil in the first place.

    these pics are from like 2 days ago. is it okay that some of the leaves are turning a little yellow and some brown on half way on the leaf. i cut the brown parts off.
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  10. the image reaper

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    you'll see a lot less problems if you dump that Superthrive crap ... ST is helpful ONLY for rooting, OK during cloning ... and, even then, at dosages of only 1-2 DROPS per gallon ... strong stuff, has killed more plants than it ever helped ... in my humble opinion, of course ... :jointsmile:
  11. Edelara420

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    I have 30 clones under t5 lights 6.. 2ft ones that I'm trying to keep in veg for a month to get good growth so I can grow outside so I can be on time for clones have roots and I just transplanted the 3 days ago but on the bottom some of the leaves are starting to turn side ways and even are yello
  12. emilya

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    Ed, asking a question at the tail end of an ancient thread is not the best way to get help on an online forum. You would do much better by starting your own thread and filling out a troubleshooting form. As soon as you get 5 posts under your belt, you can show us a picture of your problem. Right now, all we can do is guess that you are overwatering, which is the most common mistake new gardeners of weed make.

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